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In 1534 Henry the VIII formally initiated the Protestant Reformation.

In the short run, The English Reformation allowed Henry VIII to achieve his political goal of controlling the church. In the long run, however, the Reformation brought to England the political and religious turmoil that Henry had hoped to avoid.

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The people who were involved in the Reformation were the Theologians, churchmen and the statesmen.

one of the people who help start the reformation was

King Henry VIII. When he wanted a divorce, but the Catholic Church wouldn't allow him. He found a group of people protesting (that is where PROTESTant came from) and he could divorce in their religion, therefore, he allowed them to be the ruling religion of England.

The Protestant Reformation did not actually promote religious tolerance. It only changed what was acceptable to believe in and what people could label themselves as religiously.

The Protestant Reformation attempted to relate the Bible to believers. By doing this people could read the bible themselves and understand the word of God.

It allowed people throughout Europe to read the works of Protestant reformers.

During the 16th century many people felt the church had too much power. The protestant reformation gave power back to the people and was much appreciated by the people.

It allowed people throughout Europe to read the works of Protestant reformers.

Martin Luther began the Protestant Reformation against the Catholic Church. Martin Luther King led the Civil Rights Movement. Which do you mean?

The printing press played a significant role in the Protestant Reformation because regular people suddenly had access to The Bible. They were no longer dependent on interpretations from the Catholic Church.

The religion was assigned by the government also known as a Monarchy. Wrong. The people who settled in the New England colonies came to America for the religious freedom it offered (unlike the southern colonies whose people came to make money). They wanted to purify or reform the church of England, and if not that then to start a new church in New England. These people were known as the Puritans. They believed that the Protestant Reformation began, but was never able to finish in England. They wanted to finish this reformation.

She Made The Church Of England Where Protestant And Catholic People Could Go To That Way There Would Be Protestant And Catholic People In The Same Church. she then let the people of England chose if they wanted to be catholic or protestant!

Protestant Christians Church of England.

It led people to identify themselves by nationality -APEX

It occurred because some people didn't like the Catholics so they split. One became the Protestant and the other stayed Catholic.

1517. People typically date the start of the Reformation with Martin Luther's nailing of his 95 Theses on the door of a local church where he lived.

People tend to think about the bigger issues, when people are dying left, right and centre.

People began to consider that God did not control everything. The Protestant Reformation was one result.

Spain is a country. Countries do not have attitudes, the people who live there do. The attitude of the dominant church leadership towards protestant reformation as it happened was generally hostile.

In the beginning of the 16th century, many events occurred that led to the protestant reformation. Clergy abuse caused people to begin criticizing the Catholic Church. The central points of criticism were the following: The split was over doctrine not corruption.

Martin Luther was one of the main people who started the Protestant Reformation so is sometimes considered the founder of Protestantism. However, there is no one thing called the "Protestant Church" so there is no one founder of it.

It led many people to question the idea that a king's power came from God.