Reformation History

How did the Reformation take shape?

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It ended during Henry's eighth reign.

When it ended was a matter of opinion some American Scholars wonder if 1688 would be a suitable day! This date signifies the fact that the Anglican Church went in to a decline through schism and neglect, caused by the forcible introduction of a Calvinist King to be followed by a Lutheran one. Both of whom fostered Whig or Latitudinarian ideas within the Church in particular and society at large!

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What century was the beginning of Catholicism?

The 16th century after the Protestant reformation and the ensuing Catholic counter-reformation that took shape during the Council of Trent (1545-64).

What year did reformation take place?


When did the Reformation take place?

Around the 16th century. My teacher also gave me a report on the Reformation. Hope this helps!

When did the Protestant Reformation take place?

In the 16th Century

Where did the puritan reformation take place?


How do you account for the spread of the Reformation?

take an accounting course

What century did the reformation take place in?

16th century

Where did the counter reformation take place?

The counter reformation took place in the 16th century in the HRE (Holy Roman Empire)

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How did the Catholic Reformation differ from the Counter-Reformation?

They are the same. The Catholic Reformation is just a different name for the Counter Reformation.

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Which came first the Catholic Reformation or the Protestant Reformation?

The Protestant Reformation came first and caused the Catholic Reformation.

How did the Catholic reformation play in the counter reformation?

The Catholic Reformation and the counter reformation are two expressions for the same thing.

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