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The Roman Empire were known for treating those they conquered badly. Rebellions would be savagely repressed like in England in '61.

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How did the Persians treat the people they conquered?

At first, they treated them with fairness but much more crule as the empire went on.

How did Cyrus treat conquered people in the Persian Empire?

He attempted to produce peace, security and improve prosperity.

How did rome treat the conquered people?

The conquered peoples were taxed, of course, ruled under Roman law, and protected by Roman troops. Rome did not try to change the beliefs or the culture of the conquered people and many times found common ground in customs and religious beliefs.

How did the Persians treat those they conquered?

They tried to establish stable government, peace, security and prosperity.

How did the Incas treat the people that they conquered?

The Incas treated the people they conquered by having more emphasis on having those people become loyal Inca subjects.

How did Rome treat its conquered?

Bad, but if they are nice, they treat it nicely (but they won't).

How did Cyrus the Great treat the people that he conquered?

He respected the local customs and religions in his empire. He freed Jews from captivity in Babylonia and let them rebuild their temple at Jerusalem.

How did Cyrus treat the people he conquered?

He tried to bring peace, security and prosperity, wanting to rule over a stable empire with the best standard of living and security.

How did the Persians treat conquered people?

They exiled conquered people and often made them slaves.

How did Rome treat conquered Italian cities?

romes treatment of conquered italian cities

How did the Babylonians treat the people that they conquered?

They ate them.

How did Persian leaders treat conquered?


How did the spanish treat the people they conquered?

The Spanish of the 1500's did not treat the people they conquered well. They burned villages and took all possessions. :D

How did the vikings treat people they conquered?

The Vikings treated the people they conquered badly. They used them as slaves.

How did rome treat conquered people?

nice and well

How did Alexander treat the lands and peoples he had conquered?


How did the Turks treat the people they conquered?

Really badly!!

How did the Mayans treat the people they conquered?

They sacrificed them to their gods.

How did the Babylonians treat people they conquered?

The Chaldean treated their conquered people very well as if they were their own citizitens.

How did Muslims under the right guided caliphs treat conquered people?

they would treat them with medicine

How did Persian leaders treat conquered people?

how did jdye hehd

How did the Romans treat Jesus?

The Romans treated Jesus very cruely and unfairly. They crucified him. They were told (by the Jews) that he was a leader of an anti-Roman rebellion. He was called "The King of Jews" - and in the Roman empire, kings were not allowed.

How did Alexander the Great treat important local rulers?

Unlike may conquerors before, Alexander the Great allowed the local rulers of ares he conquered to continue ruling over their lands and practicing their own religions. This kept his conquered territories pacified and more trusting of his empire.

How did the Assyrians treat conquered people?

They would exile the people they conquered and make them slaves. They basically ruled them with an iron fist.

How did the Greeks treat the people they conquered?

they had a tradition called the heistene where all the conquered people would get feces thrown in their face

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