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The Union ran out of food, were outgunned, and Fort Sumter was on fire.

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Q: How did the South win the battle of Fort Sumter?
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Was it a close win for the union in the battle of fort Sumter?

No, Fort Sumter was a Union defeat, and not at all close.

What were some basic differences between the North and South during Civil War times?

slavery was the most basic differences between the north and south and they did not like the fact that people wanted slavery and some people didn't. another difference was everyone wanted to have all the forts so the decided to battle and see who should win Fort Sumter and when the battle was over the North won Fort Sumter even though Fort Sumter battle and Fort Sumter is in the south.

Did the south win the battle of Fort Sumter in the civil war?

Although the fort, commanded by Major Robert Anderson, never surrendered to the forces of the Confederacy it was abandoned after a seige of 567 days. So a technical victory for the South.

Did the north or south win the battle of fort Wagner?

the south won the battle of Fort Wagner and they also showed how valueable the blacks were

Did the confederates win fort Sumter?


Why did the south win the battle at ft. Sumter?

Because it was only a tiny island-garrison.

Why was fort Sumter be attacked?

So the union could win.

Did the Union or Confederate win the Battle of Sumter?

The Confederate

Why did the confederates win the battle of Fort Sumter?

because the north was fighting the native americans at the same time that they were fighting the confederacy. so they had to split their army.

Why did Lincoln send a ship to fort Sumter in 1861?

So he could resupply the fort without making it look like he started the war. If the south fired on the ship, it would look like they started it. If they didn't, he could restock the fort. A win-win situation :)

What battles did the union lose and win?

Well if you are talking about the Civil War battles, the Union won the Battle of Vicksburg and the Battle of Gettysburg. The battles they lost are Fort Sumter and First Manassas (Bull Run).

The south could win the war by not losing but the north could win only by winning?

Yes. The South did not declare war, although it fired the first shots - at Fort Sumter, a US garrison in part of a Confederate state The North had to declare war, invade and win.

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