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Currancy,they contolled the exchange rate between the Ruble (which was kept artificially high)and Eastern Europian currencies(kept artificially low).American Western Europian and Japanese currency were good anywhere they were called hard currency,Soviet and Eastern Europian currancy were called soft currancy only good in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union. The result was Communist contries could only trade with each other unless they could sell somthing to the West for hard currency and use that money to buy somthing from the West or they could do a barter deal. In the end the Eastern Europian countries under Soviet domination had little to no access to world capitol investment their industries became obsolete and their econimies stagnated.

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Q: How did the Soviets hamper Eastern Europe's economic recovery after World War 2?
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Why did the Marshall Plan not help the countries of Eastern Europe?

The economic and technical assistance offered by the Marsall Plan was not accepted by the Soviets and it's satellites in Eastern Europe.

What were the soviets' objectives in supporting the spread of communism in Eastern Europe?

The Soviets' objectives in supporting the spread of communism in Eastern Europe was to gain geopolitical influence

What country dominated eastern Europe after World War 2?

The Soviet Union tightened its grip on eastern european nations and Stalin refused to let go, and economic recovery in E. Europe proceeded along the lines that appealed to the Soviets - political and social changes were LARGELY influenced by the changes made in the Soviet Union.If that didnt answer your question and you were looking for just a one worded answer, its theSoviet Union.

What did europeans do as the Soviets crumbled?

opposed economic reforms

What resulted when Eastern European nations revolted against the Soviets in the 1950s and 1960s?

The revolts were successful in forcing the Soviets to allow elections in those countries.

What are ways the soviet took over eastern Europe?

The Soviets were able to take over Eastern Europe by force and occupying land.

Did the Soviets fight in the battle of the Bulge?

No , the Russian's primary theater of the war was on the Eastern Front .

What The agreement between the soviets union and the seven eastern European nations?

The Warsaw Pact.

The Soviets experienced a severe shortage of food during their war recovery because?

too much emphasis was on industrialization

What did Stalin gain out of the non aggression pact?

Germany sweetened the deal by allowing the Soviets a free hand in eastern Europe. Germany agreed to allow the Soviets to conquer Finland and the Baltic states (Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia). The Soviets also invaded Poland, taking the eastern half of it while Germany conquered the western half.

Why were the Soviets concerned when Hungary withdrew from the Warsaw Pact?

They were afraid of losing control of eastern Europe.

What year was it when Soviets took control over eastern Europe?

1945. Effectively it was a result of WW2.

The area of Europe the Soviets controlled at the end of World War 2?

All of Eastern Europe.

What are two nations that keep the Soviets from controlling the eastern end of the Mediterranean Sea?

LJ3 racing

Will there be the company of heroes with the Soviets?

Probably not but there is an Eastern Front Mod for CoH including the Red Army.

What nations refers to Eastern European nations under the control of the soviets?

The Dominican Republic of Sorastacats

What were the soviets able to do after they defeated Germany on the eastern front?

Continue progressing West towards Germany.

What plan did Franklin D. Roosevelt give soviets control of eastern Europe?

The Soviets (Russians) had already over-run those positions by wars end. What they had, they kept.

How did the soviet economic system?

The Soviets is a communist government which means that the government owns the economic sectors and there isn't a foundation for private property and investment in business.

Why was the US concerned about the Soviets intentions in Eastern Europe?

The Domino Theory if one eastern European country fell Truman feared more would follow

What were Stalin's objectives in supporting Communist gov'ts in Eastern Europe?

The soviets had expected to win a quick victory

How did the Soviets keep control over eastern Europe?

By armies of occupation who put down any dissent.

How did the Soviet plans for Eastern Europe differ from the Western Allies?

At the conclusion of WW 2, the Western allies sought democratic governments for Eastern Europe and basically for all of Europe. The Soviets under Joseph Stalin had other ideas. Their armies essentially occupied the Eastern nations where they had driven out the Nazi armies. The Soviets had an expansionist ideology and installed communist governments in the nations of Eastern Europe. This included East Germany.

Why were the soviets concerned when Hungry withdrew from the Warsaw pact?

Nova Net Answer: They were afraid of losing control of eastern Europe.

What troops moved eastern Poland after Hitler invaded Poland?

The Soviets moved into Eastern Poland Sept 17, 1939. It was 17 days after the Germans attacked the western part.