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How did the Turks win at gallipoli?

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Uhm...I think by fighting back real hard...

It wasn't only the Turkish soldiers that won, everyon Turk that wanted to fight for his/her country did. That's how they won at gallipolli. Probably couldn't have done it if it weren't for Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, who led the fight of the Turks against various European armies.

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Why did the Turks go to gallipoli?

why did the Turks go to Galliploi

Who won in Gallipoli - the ANZACs or the Turks?

There was no victory for the ANZACs in Turkey. Sadly, the entire Gallipoli campaign was a failure for everyone but the Turks.

Who was the enemy at gallipoli?

The enemy were the Ottoman Turks.

Who won the battle of the Nek gallipoli?

THE Turks

Who were the anzac's enemy?

Mainly the Turks, at Gallipoli.

Why did you lose at Gallipoli?

the Turks had the higher ground

Who won in Gallipoli the Anzac's or the Turks?

not the anzacs

Did the Anzacs fight with the Germans at Gallipoli?

At Gallipoli the Anzacs fought with the Ottoman Turks who were allies of the Central powers.

What machine guns did the Turks use in the Battle of Gallipoli?


Gallipoli campange success or failour?

It was a success for the Turks, but a failure for the Allies.

What happened in Gallipoli?

To fight the war one happened

What was the reason for the Russians to fight at Gallipoli?

because the Russians sopported the Turks

How did the ANZACs die at gallipoli?

They were slaughtered as soon as they hit shore line by turks.

Did the Anzac fight the Germans?

No, they fought the Turks at Gallipoli in 1914 (who were on the Germans side)

Did the anzacs win the war of Gallipoli?

No. Gallipoli was a major defeat for the Anzacs.

Who were the soldiers at gallipoli?

The British and their subjects, i.e. the Austrialians, New Zelanders, v. the Turks.

Did the anzacs win at gallipoli?

Not exactly

How did gallipoli win the battle of Australia?

Gallipoli was a battle in WW1 that was taken part in by Australia...

Peninusla where New Zealand soldiers fought the Turks in World World War 1?


Where In turkey did the anzac's battle with the Turks?

The Anzac's and the Turkish fought in Gallipoli in 1915 and lasted for 8 months.

Why did New Zealanders fight in gallipoli?

New Zealand troops fought in Gallipoli for the same reason Australians did: because both countries were part of the British Empire, and the Empire was at war with the Turks.

Why war in gallipoli failed?

I'm not quite sure but I think it's because the Turks had really strong defense.

Name 5 nationalities that fought in gallipoli?

British, French, Turks, Australians, New Zealanders, Cypriots, Jews

What was the battle of Gallipoli?

It was a diversionary attack on the Ottoman Empire to help take pressure of Russia's front. There was a hope that in the process of the Gallipoli campaign that the Turks would have a Coup D'etat (a revolution) and join the allies.

Did the Seljuk Turks win the first crusade?


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