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Simple answer is manpower. The US sent a million fresh troops to France. Unlike in WW2, the US was not a massive supplier of arms and materiel. For instance, the US had no, repeat *no* combat aircraft of its own - US pilots like the ace Rickenbacker flew French or British aircraft. However, the US did develop a superb aero-engine in the form of the Liberty engine, used in many aircraft in the late part of the war and after the war. The US navy was small and played very little part in the war. There was virtually no US air force (see above). The US did provide a lot of food, raw material and small arms. But her chief contribution was soldiers. It tipped the balance in what was a war of attrition.

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Q: How did the US Army help win World War I?
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During WW I many young men reacted by enlisting in the army, out of a patriotic desire to help win the war.

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MiRaClEs BrO

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women were making army tanks and guns and sending them to the soldiers to help them win and they were making food and sending it over and making new technologys to help the war

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Militarily and with war production and its assets as the "bread basket" of the world.

What the US do in World War 2?

Major turning factor to Help WIN it!

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THEY HELP TO KEEP THE WOLD AT PEACE and they wanted the war to be over. When usa joined the war we had more power over Germany

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