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How did the US contribute to World War 2?

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The loan of weapons 'Lend Lease' and the extra man power all

helped but it was just 2 years too late really. Many Americans will

say that the loan of weapons stopped an invasion of Britain but

thats just not true and a very ignorant statement to make. Lend

Lease did not take place untill March 1941, Britain had already

fought off an invasion in the Battle of Britain which ended on

October 1940 almost 6 months before Lend Lease even started. The

Battle of Britain was to pave way for a planned invasion of Britain

(Operation Sealion) to stand any chance of pulling Operation

Sealion off Hitler needed air and sea superiority but he lost the

Battle of Britain to Britain. Hitler had 4000 planes,many were

destroyed invading Poland and France then Britain destroyed over

1,700 in the Battle of Britain. After the Battle of Britain Britain

was safe from any invasion. Hitlers Military advisors warned Hitler

that an invasion of Britain was not possible and a suicide mission

so Operation Sealion was canceled and they moved on to Russia with

planes they borrowed from Italy. Then 6 months later Lend Lease

started and a 1/4 of Britains weapons were on loan,but in return

Britain gave US troops training for D-day.

D-day was roughly 83,000 American troops 67,000 British 23,000

Canadian then Polish,French,Australian,New Zealand and many other

countries were there too. Over half the ships and planes on D-day

were French and British. D-day was planned and led by 5 British

Generals and 1 American General.

America took care of the Japanese with allied help but Japan

wasnt really much of a problem for Europe. America indeed to play a

significant role in WW2 but other countries played much bigger

roles. For instance Britain was bombing Germany just as bad as

Germany bombed Britain a full year and a half before America even

entered the War, 75% of Berlin was bombed which played a huge role

in making it possible for Russia to invade Berlin. It was Polish

intelligence Britain used to crack the Enigma Code, the Enigma code

shaved 2yrs off the war saved millions of lives and made the war

much easier from then on as it gave away all of Hitlers plans and

posts etc. Most of Hitlers 4000 planes were destroyed by European

forces before American even entered, same thing goes for Hitlers

Navy and Troops. Hitler had 5 to 6 million troops,many of these

were killed invading Europe (Poland,France,Russia, Battle of

Britain etc)

End of the Day WW2 was a 'WORLD' effort and many countries did

their bit and played significant roles

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