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The largest contribution was made to England in the form of 50 old and
outdated destroyers that had been built between 1918 and 1920. The
Lend Lease Program and the Destroyers for Bases Program were major
ways the US supported Allied war efforts in 1940.

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How did Pearl Harbor contribute to World War 2?

Pearl Harbor was the start of USA's involvement is WW2

What was Franklin roosevelts position on world war 2 before Pearl Harbor?

What was Franklin roosevelts position on world war 2 before pearl harbor? In: World War 2

Did the us enter World War 2 after the attack at pearl harbor or before?

yes they entered after pearl harbour

What was The Conflict of Pearl Harbor?

The conflict of Pearl Harbor was when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor and drug the U.S. into World War II.Thank you

What was the world doing before the attack on Pearl Harbor?

Well we were fighting in the war. the ship that was there was just reloading on supplies and taking a break when the Japanes attacked Pearl Harbor.

What was Franklin Roosevelts position on world war 12 before pearl harbor?


How did the atomic bomb of pearl harbor effect the world?

There was no atomic bombs on Pearl Harbor

What is the setting of the movie Pearl Harbor?

The setting was portrayed as Pearl Harbor, in Hawaii during World War II. The attack on Pearl Harbor was what thrust the U.S. into World War II.

Where can you find personal experiences of world war 2 in America?

Pearl HARBOR Pearl Harbor

What war started as a result of pearl harbor?

Pearl harbor was a part of world war 2

What happen at pearl harbor in World War 2?

we were bombed by the japanese at pearl harbor hawaii

When did the Pearl Harbor attack happen?

Pearl harbor happened during World war two, just before America became a significant icon in the war. The pearl harbor attack happened on December seventh, 1941, at 7:00 in the morning (approximately)

How was America involved in world war 2 before pearl harbor?

How do you expect us to know?!?!

Did the attack on Pearl Harbor cause World War 1?

The attack on pearl Harbor made The United States of America join WWII. WWII had been going on before the attacks.

Where in the world is pearl harbor?


Did Pearl Harbor get hit in World War 1 or 2?

In World War Two Pearl Harbor was attacked by imperialist japan

In which war was Pearl Harbor bombed?

Pearl Harbor war bombed and attacked in World War 2

Was Pearl Harbor part of world war 1?

No, pearl harbor was the beginning of the pacific campaign in ww2.

Was Franklin D. Roosevelt's position on World War 2 before Pearl Harbor?


What was Franklin Roosevelt's position on World War before Pearl Harbor?

president of united state of america

What was Franklin Roosevelt position on World War ll before pearl Harbor?

FDR was the US President .

Which happened first the attack of Pearl Harbor or World War 1?

World War One. It ended in 1918 and Pearl Harbor was in 1941.

What was the influence of technology in World War two?

bammm bammmmmmmm PEARL HARBOr bammm bammmmmmmm PEARL HARBOr

What event prompted the US to enter World War 2?

the bombing of pearl harborthe bombing of pearl harbor!

How Pearl Harbor led to US involvement in World War 2?

When japan did a surprise attack on pearl harbor

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