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By supplying safety from the advancing communist forces, supplying medical aid, food, transportation, and assisting in building structures for schools, hospitals, living quarters, etc.

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Who in the US government supported the Korean War?

The US Government supported the Korean War.

Who supported the South Korean government during the Korean War?

The U.N. did.

How many people were injured in the Korean War?

See website: Korean War

Who were the major people involved in the Korean War?

See website: Korean War

How are Korean people today then they were in the Korean War?

There were Koreans to begin with for Korean War to begin. Without Koreans the war wouldn't happen right?

How many Australians fort in the Korean war?

there were 126 678 thousand people in the korean war

What was gained in the Korean War?

continued freedom for the South Korean people

What people are against the Korean War?


When did Australia become involved in the Korean war?

One the 26th July 1950, The Menzies Government committed Australian Troops for the Korean war.

How many Chinese people died in the Korean war?

See website: "Korean War" for those statistics.

Where can you find how Louisiana was involved in the Korean War information and Where can you find how many people from Louisiana fought in the Korean War?

Approximately 588 men from the state of Louisiana died in the Korean War. See: "Korean War Educator: Korean War Memorials-Index of States", for more information.

What were North Korea's goal during the Korean war?

To unite North and South Korean under a communist government.

What groups of people opposed the Korean war?

I did

How many people were in the Korean War?

20 people died

What was Korean life during the Korean War?

Very scary!lots of people died in it.

What was the overall gaol of the US during the Korean war?

To unite Korea under the non-communist South Korean government.

How did the Korean War affect people?

go to great site on what happened during the Korean war

What methods did the US government use to sell the war to the nation during World War 1?

The US government was able to sell the war with the propaganda that was drawn in political cartoons.

What spurred the greatest increase in US Government intelligence activities?

the korean war

Will the Korean War restart or will the Korean peninsula reunify someday?

Korean War 2 is " WORLD WAR III". North Korea won't go down easily without pulling down China, USA, Russia, Japan, and South Korea. North Korean government is crazy but they are not stupid. So War is not option but it will be suicidal action for all countries surround Korean Peninsua including USA ( Hawaii, Alaska, Guam). Korean Unification will happen probably alot sooner then South Korean government expect. North Korean government cannot be isolate for along. It has been 60 years of North Korea isolation. North Korea people know the changing world. They simply cannot demonstrate or go against North Korean government. North Korea working class citizens are afraid " North Korean Law". Gun shot to the head. The new North Korean dictator is immature.

What did the US sell to help finance the war?

government war bonds

How many people in the US during the Korean war were starving?

No report anyone in the US starved during th Korean war.

How many people died in North Korea in the Korean war?

1,187,682-1,545,822 people died in the North Korean province

How many people were drafted in the Korean War?


Who were the people in the Korean War?

Edward Steven Toperzer