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Australia was not invaded by Japan. One city was bombed. America used Australia as a base for the reconquest of the South Pacific.

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During World War II, further Japanese fighting ceased when we dropped two atomic bombs on Japan.

Japan has almost always seen Australia as a friend and an economic partner. Even so, there were times, especially during World War 2 that Australia did not favor Japan.

Asia & Australia where among the ones Japan did not Invade

Japan did not come to Australia. Japan has always stayed exactly where it is. If the question refers to the Japanese bombing of Darwin and other northern locations in Australia during World War II, the Japanese troops themselves never came to Australia.

During the early part of World War Two, the distance of Japan was so far from the US that the Pacific Ocean protected Japan from invasion. The Chinese had no chance to invade Japan and the USSR had an agreement not to engage in combat until the very last days before Japan's surrender.

It was to be a launching pad for the final invasion on Japan.

The people from Japan immigrated to Australia because they faced a worrisome economy and society in their home country. Many people from Japan that immigrated to Australia prior to World War II were deported back to their country during the war.

yes Australia was our one of our allies against japan

This was part of the pre-war invasion strategy to seize Borneo. They had the oil.

Darwin Australia - that would be Japan during the second world war.

None. The whole point of dropping the A-bomb was to avoid the lose of life that would result from an invasion of Japan itself.

Answer this question… U.S. military leaders hoped to avoid a full-scale invasion of Japan.

Protect Australia from Japanese attacks and an invasion.

During WW2, Australia was attacked by Japan. It was important for Japan to control all areas in the Pacific, to ensure that the United States wouldn't have any footholds from which to launch attacks.

The allies were at war aginst the axis which included Japan. Australia was the last remaining allied outpost in the Pacific that was close enough to Japan to be strategic.

Japan surrendered without an invasion of the Japanese mainland - apex

Japan went into Indochina before the US entered WWII.

The Japanese invasion of Manchuria .

Be more specific. The German invasion of their neighbors or the Allies invasion of Germany.

Japan was opposed by Australia, New Zealand, England, the United States and Canada.

No. However, Japan did make numerous bombing runs across Australia during World War II. The most well-known of these were the bombing attacks on Darwin, but other centres such as Broome and even Townsville were also bombed.

probably because of Japan

The Empire of Japan beginning from 1937 until 1945.Manchuria was already under Japan's puppet nation after the invasion in 1931.

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