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So Everybody Could Get The Same Amount Of Food.

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Q: How did the World War 2 government create a fair rationing plan?
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System under which government agency decides fair shares?


System under which a government agency decides fair shares?

Rationing :)

What is the System under which a government agency decides fair shares?

The System under which a government agency decides fair shares is Rationing

System under witch a government agency decides fair shares?


Was rationing fair for everyone in the country in World War 2?

No! period.

How did World War 2 effect the people that lived during this time?

One big change of the usual lifestyle happened when Rationing begun. Rationing was a system started by the Government of Britain which made sure that everyone had a fair share of what was available.

What are rationing coupons?

rationing coupons were copons used during world war 1 and 2. they were used so that everone would get their fair share.also because we were in short supply so the government said we have an amount of things u can buy

What was the reasoning for rationing resources during World War 2?

Rationing was used in ww2 because the Nazis were sinking the ships that transported the food across the sea. so everyone had to have the same amount of food. so one person have loads and the others had none because that wouldn't be fair. That's why the government introduced rationing. =D =p d=p

What was the rationing in World War 2?

Because there was a short supply of food and everyone needed to get their fair share of food

Was rationing in World War 2 fair?

Absolutely ! Without rationing - those people who were financially better off would have been able to 'stockpile' thousands of pounds of groceries - leading to severe shortages for the rest of the population. Rationing the amount a person could buy of certain foods, made sure everyone got their fair share in times of hardship.

What was rationing?

Rationing was a way of getting a fair amount of food in WW2 and was used as through the war when transporting food was dangerous!

Why was rationing introduced?

Rationing was introduced because the foreign countries couldn't get food over here so they introduced rationing to make sure everyone get a fair share of weekly food.

In World War I What measures were introduced to aid rationing?

=The rationing in World War 1 was not very good. The government thought that rationing would be unpopular. The food situation was bleak in 1917. Voluntary rationing was introduced, food grew in gradens, meat - free days, flour was substitues in bread. By 1918 Meat, Butter, Sugar and Margarine was all rationed. Turned out to be popular with people. Rations were genours and people thought it was fair, Those who broke rationing regulations faced a fine or even prison. This Stopped All of the Rich People buying up all of the food and not leaving rnoug for the rest of the Public.=

Why was rationing introduced in London?

rationing was introduced because the foreign countries couldn't get food over here so they introduced rationing to make sure everyone get a fair share of weekly food

Why is rationing bad?

Rationing is not bad in itself, in fact it is a good thing when necessary. It conserves resources and helps to ensure all get a fair share of what is available.

How did William penn attempt to create a coloinal government that would be fair to all?

he was a nice guy

How has our government changed over the years?

we now have a secret voting system to create a fair and non-influence by others. we now have a federal government not just a state government.

Was rationing fair?

yes because it means that everyone got there food so none of them died! :)

What was wartime rationing in America?

The United States had widespread shortages during World War II and solved the problem by rationing. With America suddenly pulled into World War II after the bombing of Pearl Harbor, war production kicked into over drive. All production was aimed at the military first while domestic needs became secondary. As a result, rationing became the only way to make everyone got their fair share.

Why did Britain have renationing in world war 2?

If by renationing you mean rationing they did this because Germany had cut off food supplies for Britain and so no one would get a fair share of food(some people would not get any food at all). To resolve this the government introduced rationing so that each and everyone would get an equal share of food. Vegetarians could swap meat items for more vegetables.

What was the system of rationing designed to limit?

Rationing was designed to limit the use of goods in short supply so everyone could get a fair share of them. These goods included butter, sugar, meats, gasoline, and nylon stockings.

What did the knights of labor do?

The Knights of Labor worked together as a labor union. The negotiated with the government and employers to create fair laws for workers.

What do pictures on World War 2 ration stamps mean?

Some of the pictures portrayed the purpose of the stamps for people who could not read. They also sometimes told stories that showed the importance of fair rationing.

Why did president Truman create fair deal?

why did president Truman create the fair deal?well he created the fair deal because he wanted to find what his purpose was in life.

Was World War 2 rationing a success in world war?

In a way you can say it was because the rationing books allowed a control over what people could buy or not which made the amount of food each person/household could buy fair; other than every single person fighting for food, and one person taking more than the other while the other starved.