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well they helped because they supported the North and supported the President

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Q: How did the abolitionists help the North win the Civil War?
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What wars occurred during Lincoln's presidency?

The Civil War. The Civil War was the war between abolitionists and anti abolitionists, or the North and the South. The North wanted to free the black slaves, but the South wanted to keep blacks in slavery.

What is a civil War term beginning with the letter a?


What did women do in the north?

Women in the North. Northern women during the Civil War served many roles including soldiers, nurses, civil rights activists, and abolitionists. With that being said, many women rallied together to help supply troops with food, clothing, money, and medical supplies.

What strategies did the North use to help them in the Civil War?


Words that start with the letter a in the civil war?

abolitionists and Abraham Lincon

What did the abolitionists try to end before the civil war?

End slavery

Who made the underground railway?

northern abolitionists before the civil war

Who were abolitionists during the civil war?

Some abolitionists were John Brown Henry "Box" Brown and many others. An abolitionist is really anyone who is against slavery and helps stop it like help the Underground Railroad.

How did the abolitionists lead up to the civil war?

The abolitionist did not help the war start, actually, the Civil War started because of States' Rights, Slavery, and Sectionalism/seccession. They could fall under the category of slavery but they were only a mild influence.

What percentage of Americans were ardent abolitionists prior to the Civil War?

five percent

How did banking help the north in the civil war?

The banking system helped the North to pay for the arms it bought to use in the war.

How significant were the abolitionists in bringing about the Civil War?

== == well well you have to realize that many people in the north were abolitionist and they provoked many of the people that wanted slavery and there weret

Who was a pre-Civil War abolitionist?

John Brown, Harriet Tubman and Fredrick Douglass were all pre-Civil War abolitionists

How is an abolitionist important to the Civil War?

An abolitionist was important in the civil war because abolitionists wanted to abolish or get rid of slavery. And for a lot of people the war was about slavery.

Why was the Civil War necessary?

The civil war was necessary because it help sort out the trouble between the north and the south. No it was not JUST about slavery.

Did the north win the Civil War?

Yes, the north won the Civil War.

What was the north called in the Civil War?

In the civil war, the North was called the Union.

The north or the south win the Civil War?

The north won the civil war.

Who would be a friend to the slaves during the US Civil War?

Other slaves or abolitionists. ;)

How did the war between France and Mexico help the north win the civil war?

the people who are people from puebla

How did African Americans help to win the Civil War for the North?

They got free after the war cause they won

True or false in northern states dissenters called abolitionists spoke out against the war in the civil war?


Abolitionist in the pre-civil war We're most likely to support the?

Abolitionists wanted to see and end to slavery. For that reason, they were more likely to support the North and its causes.

Why did the north win the civil war-?

The North won the Civil War by General Lee from the South surrendered to the North.

Did the north win the American civil war with the help of british or french allies?

No that was not the case.