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How did the african civil war start?

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Although there have been many civil wars in different African countries, there has never been an "African Civil War" by that name.

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How did the African Americans participate in the Civil War.

At the start of the war: * plantation workers * house servants

There was aproximately 180,000 African Americans who died in the civil war

After the Civil War African-Americans controlled churches first.

well I was 29 years old when i was in slavery. so i was fighting in the civil war and was able to win. After that I was alive and told my grand child Miguel about the story of the civil war. It was after the civil war when the African Americans were released from slavery.

the african americans were still in slavery during the civil war

Yes. There is a link below to an article on the history of African Americans in the Civil War.

African Americans there were in the North did fight in the Civil War. This was because African Americans were fighting against the people who enslaved them.

The role of the African Americans during the civil war was mainly slavery but them being slaves they would be used in the civil war.They would fight in the civil war.

African Americans fought in the US Civil War, and they spoke out against slavery.

African American Civil War Memorial was created on 2004-10-27.

There were many African American troops in the US Civil War. By 1865, one in ten Union Soldiers was African American. An estimated 40,000 African Americans died in the war.

they were not allowed to go to most colleges in the South or North

What invention helped to contribute to the start of the civil war and how did it help contribute to

African Americans fought for both the Union and the Confederate sides in the US Civil War.

The start of the US Civil War was the Battle of Fort Sumter.

The number of African Americans who served during the Civil War was between 179,000 and 180,000. The Civil War lasted for a little over 4 years.

They had to own their own land to vote after the Civil War.

yes the African American civil war regiment

There is no such thing as the Egyptian Civil War.

African Americans in Connecticut From Civil War to Civil Rights - 2001 TV was released on: USA: 2001

Many African Americans left the South after the Civil War to explore new opportunities. Southern whites in many communities were hostile after the Civil War, so some African Americans left for safety reasons.

war starts with this side having best generals at the start of the civil war?