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American Revolution

How did the americans win in the mexicanamerican war?

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Who won MexicanAmerican War?

The US. That's why Texas is still a US state.

Did the Americans win every Revolutionary War battle but lost the war?


Did the battle at Trenton win the war for the Americans?


Why were Americans able to win their war for independence?

Americans were more determined than the British

Did the native americans win the french indian war or did the colonists win the french indian war?

the colonist won the french indian war

What gave Americans hope that they could win the war?

their troops

Why did the Americans want to gain an alliance with France?

to win the war

Why did the Americans win and the British loose the war?

because we are better

What did the Americans do to win the Philippines war?

they bought the philippines from the spanish.

What battle did the Americans win in the revolutionary war?

The last battle that the Americans won in the revoluion was Yorktown

How did European aid help the Americans win the war?

When the Americans fought the Revolutionary War, they had aid from other European countries in the battle against the British. France was one of America's most notable allies, and they joined forces with the Americans to help the new country win the war.

Why did Americans win revolution war despite many disadvantages?

The Americans had more money than the British.

Why did the Americans want an alliance with France?

so they could win the war

Why did native Americans share?

Because they needed to survive to win the war

Who helped the Americans win the revolutionary war against the British?

The French

What did African-Americans do during World War 1?

They fought to help the US win the war.

When will the afghan war end?

The afghan war will end in 2064 after the Americans and British have had enough and Afghanistan win.

Why do Americans think they can win the war of 1812?

One reason is that Britain was in a war with the French at the same time.

Did the native Americans win the black hawk war?

yes the u.s won the black hawk war

How did African Americans help to win the Civil War for the North?

They got free after the war cause they won

How did the Americans win the Revolutionary War?

They won because the British gave up

After which battle did Europeans think the Americans might win the war?

The Normandy Invasion

In the American Revolution did the Tories or the Whigs want the Americans to win the war?


What helped the Americans win World War 2?

I think you mean the allies.

Who did Britain hire to help win the french Indian war?

The native Americans

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