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they fought for their life with the survival of the phitis.

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What is the first group of vertebrates to grow and develop out of the water?

Amphibians were the first vertebrates that came out of the water. The first vertebrates that could live outside of the water though were reptiles. or class reptilia this was during the Carboniferous period.

When did the Labyrinthodont dinosaur live in Antarctica?

They were abundant on Earth during the Carboniferous.

What habitat do young amphibians live in during development?

During development amphibians stay in the pond or lake where they were born.

Amphibians can live on both?

Amphibians can live on land and in water.

Which amphibians live in water?

Amphibians are animals which can live on both land & water . So, all amphibians can live in water .......

Do all amphibians live in water during some part of the year?

no not all amphbians live in water

What climate do amphibians live in?

amphibians live in hot and dry areas

During the precambiram time did giant reptiles live?

No. There were no reptiles or even vertabrates in the Precambrian. Reptiles first appeared in the late Carboniferous.

Do all amphibians live in water?

During some parts of the years, but on the other parts of the years they live on land.

Can amphibians live on land?

Yes.Frogs are amphibians and some live on land while others live in water

What kind of amphibians live in Tokyo?

Japanese amphibians

Are amphibians live bearers?

Amphibians are egg layers.

Where do amphibians live and how do they survive?

Amphibians live everywhere except in permanent deserts and the poles.

Do amphibians live on land or water or both?

Amphibians live on both water and land.

What time period did graptolites live?

Graptolites first appeared in the Cambrian Period, 545-490 million years ago (mya), and evolved rapidly during the following Ordovician Period (490-434 mya) when the greatest variety of different forms lived. They suffered a major decline in the Silurian (434-410 mya) and only a few forms lasted into the Devonian. They finally became extinct during the Carboniferous Period, about 315 my ago.

What amphibians live in Africa?

There are numerous amphibians that live in Africa. A few of the amphibians are the African bullfrog, Cape river frog, and the Ghost frog.

What is distinctive about amphibians?

Amphibians can live in both land and sea.

Why can amphibians live on water and land?

Most amphibians live in or around water, although toads do not have to.

What makes amphibians distinctive?

Amphibians are distinctive because they can live in water and on land.

When did the plants and animals that formed fossil fuels live?

They were mostly alive in the carboniferous period around 350 to 290 million years ago, a time of great land diversity.

What are amphibians shelter?

some amphibians live in the water for shelter and some could live on land too.

How are amphibians different from repetiles?

Reptiles live on dry land; amphibians live on land as well as in water.

What adaptations allow amphibians to live on land?

Amphibians are vertebrates with strong leg bones that have developed to allow them to live on land. Also, during. Metamorphosis the amphibians gills are replaced with lungs.They have a three-chambered heart that ensures that cells get the proper amount of oxygen, and they have 4 legs so they can move.

Do amphibians live in fresh water?

They are all freshwater- there are no saltwater amphibians.

Why do amphibians live in wet or damp areas?

cause they r amphibians

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