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The population of Egypt in the ancient times viewed the Pharaohs as divinities (god-like beings). In ancient Egyptian mythology, the God Osiris and Isis had a son named Horus; it was believed that the Pharaoh was the reincarnation of Horus himself. And son, they followed every single one of his orders as long as he governed under Maat, the Goddess of Equality and Balance. It was said that not following her ways and the ways of the older pharaohs, there would be chaos and civil unrest.

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Who are the ancient Egyptian kings?

They were called Pharaohs

Who was the leader of the Egyptian civilization and how was he viewed?

The ancient Egyptian pharaohs were thought of as gods.

How many female pharaohs were there in Egypt?

there were 6 ancient Egyptian female pharaohs.

How are Hatshepsut and Tutankhamun alike?

Both were ancient Egyptian pharaohs.

Who were the Jewish pharaohs?

"Pharaoh" is the title for ancient Egyptian kings.

What were the rulers of ancient Egypt called?

ancient Egyptian rulers were called Pharaohs.

Who were the pharaohs what role did they play?

Pharaohs were ancient Egyptian kings and served many religious and governmental purpose

Why are kings in ancient Egypt called Pharaohs?

because pharaohs is the Egyptian word for king (: hope this has helped

How did the pharaohs impact religion in the empire?

Well the ancient Egyptian pharaohs believed and made others believe that they themselves were living gods that had the power to talk to the other gods that no other ancient Egyptian had.

What religion did the pharaohs practice?

Most Pharaohs believed in the Ancient Egyptian Religion and mythology, usually called Kemetism.

Can ancient Egypt's pharaohs be girls too?

Almost all of the ancient Egyptian pharaohs were male. The only known female to ever have ruled as pharaoh was Cleopatra

What do you use Egyptian pyramids for today?

The ancient Egyptian pyramids are used as tourist attractions for Egypt. The pyramids also serve as historical references of the ancient Egyptian Pharaohs that were buried in them.

Is Tutankhamun a valley?

no Tutankhamen was one of the ancient Egyptian Pharaohs (most known)

Who was the ancient Egyptian spiritual leader?

the pharaohs were considered a monach and a spiritual leader.

How did wealthy ancient Egyptian pharaohs live?

they lived in pyramids and were kings of there village.

Do ancient Egyptian pharaohs live in temples?

no temples are like burial tombs

What are the ancient tombs of egypt kings called?

The ancient tombs of Egyptian kings were pyramids. Egyptian pharaohs were first mummified, then put in a sarcophagus (a thing like a coffin) and then the more important pharaohs were buried in the center of the pyramids.

Why were ancient Egyptian pharaohs important?

The pharaohs were important to the Egyptians because they were their rulers. A Pharaoh was also considered a living god, and was revered as such.

What was the purpose of he Egyptian pharaohs elaborate tombs?

The purpose of the ancient egyptians elaborate tombs was to make sure that the egyptian pharaohs' rain and glory would be remembered throughout time/history.

What are some of the ancient Egyptian pharaohs?

1. hatshepsut 2. tutankhamen 3. Akenaten

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