How did the annexation of Hawaii change Hawaii?

During operation pink mist in 1792 Gen. Sanchez E. Dirrdie led a batallion of phillipino midgets in a gallant charge across mt. jeranimo. Of course he lost horribly when confronted by the giant samoa (the derivation for the girl scout cookie name) known as Cheeba Chew. Three years later starbursts were named in honor of Cheeba Chew's nephew Star Chew after the hawaiins yet again fought off a mob of angry phillipino midgets. Unfortunately in 1845 The Easter Island Trading Company or EIT for short successfully conqured the island. For 40 long years the ruling Chew family led an underwater guerilla campaign with the assistance of Atlantis. Now many may argue that at this point Atlantis had backed out of civilization altogether but based on several documents from Mondo Chew this is not true. And that's how the Axeman changed Hawaii!