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I don't believe the attack of Pearl Harbor affected the Canadians at all. Canada is a peaceful country full of snow and diversity.

AnswerCanada had a lot to do with what happened after Pearl Harbor. What affects the U.S., also affects us. It's unfair to feel that Canadians (a small country) are meak and not ready to go to war. This could be further from the truth. When the U.S. went to war with Japan so did Canada. We had Interment Camps in the Interior (mostly old ghost towns were used) and here is the rest of the history (the short of it was Canada was overseas fighting their guts out against Germany.)......

The war in the Pacific, Churchill said, was being won because it had to be won. The memory of Pearl Harbor, and its 2,400 dead, demanded no less. "Retribution has always been sure," he said. "It is now growing near."

Although the war would go on for nearly three more years, with horrible losses, the United States and its Allies were so committed to their purpose, so clear in their ends, that the means were not questioned. An enormous cause demanded enormous sacrifice.

As Pearl Harbor faded from view, the war also became enormous in scope. Through 1943 and 1944, as smaller countries rushed to the Allies' side in Asia and Africa, the United States began to understand that the Second World War was about much more than retribution. It was about eradicating tyranny - fascist, colonial, tribal - from the far corners of the Earth, and building progressive societies in its wake.

Canadian soldiers had been stationed in Asian Countries before the bombing of Pearl Harbor so they were invaluable after the Pearl Harbor Attack.

AnswerAt the time of Pearl Harbor, Canada had already been engaged in WW2, as it was a part of the British Commonwealth, though an independent nation. Canada entered WW2 on 10 September 1939, shortly after the German invasion of Poland, and the subsequent declaration of war by Great Britain. The Canadian Navy was heavily involved in the Battle for the Atlantic, and many Canadians served directly in the U.K.'s Royal Air Force. In particular, the Canadian auto industry was the primary light vehicle manufacturer for the entire British Empire, and Canada ran a huge pilot training system for the entire British Commonwealth. So Canada was already fully mobilized and fighting in WW2 at the time of Pearl Harbor.

Canada declared war on Japan on 7 Dec 1941, in the aftermath of Pearl Harbor and the Pacific-wide Japanese attacks on British, Dutch, French, and American colonies and possessions. A notable number of Canadians (mostly serving the various British units) were killed in the Japanese attacks on these colonies. In the same way that Canada had partnered with Great Britain to fight Germany, Canada now partnered with the U.S. to fight Japan. However, the large majority of Canadian war effort focused on the European Theater; most of its contributions to the Pacific Theater centered on protecting North America (primarily via long-range aircraft patrols and coastal naval patrols), and war material production. Relatively few Canadians fought in the Pacific Theater.

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Q: How did the attack on Pearl Harbor affect Canadians?
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