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The battle of Stamford Bridge helped William win the Battle of Hastings because it pulled Harold's troops well out of position, so that instead of being ready and waiting for the Normans the Saxon army had to race back down. The speed and determination of Harold's march also meant that many troops were left behind because they were tired and unable to keep up, which dramatically reduced the size of his army.

Thus, because of Stamford Bridge, William faced a tired, depleted, out of position army as opposed to the mighty, prepared and enthusiastic force Harold had prepared to fight him before he raced it north to fight Hardraada.

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Did Harold Godwinson die at stamford bridge agenst William the conqueror?

No, Harold Godwinson, King of England died at the Battle of Hastings against William.

Stamford Bridge were William fought Harold?

No, that was Harold fighting his brother Tostig and Harald Hardrada at Stamford Bridge near York in 1066.

Did the battle of Stamford bridge happen because they wanted to be king?

Yes Harold Harada Harold Godwinson and William of Normandy all wanted to rule England after Edward the confessor died. The battle of Stamford bridge was against Harold Harada and Harold Godwinson! Harold Godwinson won and then had the battle of Hastings with William of Normandy. William of Normandy one and is now called William the conqueror

What was the resent battle that Harold had fought?

The battle of Stamford Bridge against Harold of Norway.

How was William luckier than Harold?

he was luckier because harold had just finished fighting the battle of stamford bridge

What was the consequences of the stamford bridge?

at stamford bridge Harold and Harald hardrada fought together then Harold won that fight

Why was William stronger than Harold in the battle of stamford bridge?

William of Normandy was not even in England during the Battle of Stamford Bridge, which was between Harold II and Harald Hardrada of Norway. William arrived from Normandy later in the year with his invasion force and defeated Harold II at the Battle of Hastings. Harold won the battle of Stamford Bridge because his team was greater than the opposite team . Also Harold won because some of his men were on horseback .

Who won the battle of Stamford bridge?

Harold Godwinson won it against Harald Hadraada

Who was the Norman leader in the battle of stamford bridge?

There were no Normans at the Battle of Stamford Bridge. Stamford Bridge was a battle between the forces of King Harold II of England and the Norwegian invader Harold Hardrada.

Who did Harold go to fight in Normandy with William of Normandy?

he didnt go to Normandy William came to England and Harold was on his way back from fighting the Vikings at Stamford bridge and then William beat Harold at hastings

Harold godwinson and Harold hardrada fought at?

stamford bridge

Who was fighting Harold g at the battle of stamford bridge?

King Harold Godwinson, of England fought and defeated King Harold Hardrada of Norway at the Battle of Stamford Bridge

What battles did Harold Godwinson win?

Harold Gowinson Won The Battle Of Stamford Bridge, He Lost The Battle Of Hastings To William Duke Of Normandy.

Who was defeated at Stamford bridge?

Harold hadrada

Invasion of Britain by the normans?

Was lead by Harold I after he had won the battle of Stamford Bridge against Tostig and Harald Hadraada. He then lost to the Normans and William the Conquerer became King.

When was the battle of Stamford bridge and who won and lost?

The battle of Stamford Bridge was on 25th of September 1066 and Harold Godwinson won And Harold Hadrada Lost !

Where did Harold Godwinson and Harold Hardrada fight?

The Battle of Stamford Bridge.

Where did Harold fight a battle with Harold hardraada?

Harold fought a battle against his brother Tostig and Harald Hardrada at Stamford Bridge east of the City of York.

Did harald hardrada win the battle at stamford bridge?

Harold Godwineson won the battle of Stamford Bridge, and then William Duke of Normandy won the battle of Hastings due to his leadership, preparation and luck.

How did William duke of Normandy win the battle of Stamford Bridge?

he didnt Harold godwinson did. x hope this helps :)

Who was crowned king of England after the battle of stamford bridge?

The Battle of Stamford Bridge in Yorkshire between Harold II of England and Harold Hardrada of Norway did not lead immediately to any kings being crowned. But later the same year the victor of Stamford Bridge, Harold II, was killed at the battle of Hastings on the south coast. After Hastings, Duke William of Normandy was crowned King of England.

Why was William lucky at the Battle of Hastings?

The invasion of Stamford Bridge came at just the right time for William; one of the reasons for Stamford Bridge being so helpful to William was because Harold lost most of his skilled fighters, leaving peasants to defend the country. Another wave of good luck came when William, who had been waiting for the wind to change for nine days, was finally able to sail over to England when Harold was away fighting at Stamford Bridge.

Who got an arrow through the eye at the battle of stamford bridge?

This event was not at Stamford Bridge, it was infact in the Battle of Hastings. A french archer from William of Normandy's army shot Harold Godwinson in the eye with an arrow.

Why did Harold godwinson run north?

Harold Godwinson had to defeat Harold Hardrada's army of Viking invaders at the Battle of Stamford bridge before he could deal with William the Conqueror.

The bridge which Harold defeated the invaders from Norway?