How did the beetle get into Nicaragua?

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It is by birth, introduction or migration that the beetle is in Nicaragua.

Specifically, beetles are among the native fauna of Central America. They can be considered native by birth or naturalized by introduction or migration. The introduction may be accidental -- which often happens through the export-import industry -- or deliberate, such as by the horticultural industry.

What is the capital of Nicaragua?

The capital of Nicaragua is Managua. To read all about Nicaragua on, see the Related Link. Managua is the capital city of Nicaragua, a country in CentralAmerica.

What continent is Nicaragua in?

Nicaragua, along with all of Central America are part of NorthAmerica, NOT South America. This is a common misconception.Nicaragua is located in Central America,a central geographic regionof the Americas. It is variably defined either as the southernportion of North America, which connects with Sout ( Full Answer )

Who imperialized Nicaragua?

The Spanish colonized Nicaragua. In 1502, Christopher Columbus was the first European known to have reached what is now Nicaragua as he sailed south along the Central America isthmus. On his fourth voyage Columbus sailed alongside and explored the Mosquito Coast on the east of Nicaragua.The first at ( Full Answer )

What is Nicaragua?

Nicaragua is a country in central America on the continent of South America. . It's a country

Who is the President of Nicaragua?

Jose Daniel Ortega Saavedra is the President of Nicaragua. He became the 83rd President of Nicaragua on 2007 January 10. This is the second time he has been president, as he was previously the 79th president from 1985 January 10 to 1990 April 25.

Where is Nicaragua located?

Nicaragua is in Central America. It is located south of Honduras and north of Costa Rica in the center of Central America. Its name is translated as "surrounded by water."

Who is the government of Nicaragua?

The head of the government of Nicaragua is the president of thecountry. The laws are made by the national assembly. All of themare elected by voters.

What is Nicaragua known for?

Nicaragua is known for there famous rum call Flor De Cana. Also,They are known for the only fresh water sharks in the world. it is mainly known for its great folk mucic and deep heritage and culture. it is also known for being the biggest country in central America and being warm . it is also a ( Full Answer )

What does a beetle do?

What a beetle does depends on the type of beetle. Dung beetles rollup balls of feces, helping to keep areas such as the plains ofAmerica and Africa clean. Other beetles may eat plants or bugs.Most types of beetles, including ladybugs, can fly.

What are facts on Nicaragua?

There are 13 volcanoes in Nicaragua.. The official language is Spanish. . Baseball is the most popular sport. . Lake Nicaragua is the largest freshwater lake in Central America. . I am amazing. (*.*)

What celebrations are there in Nicaragua?

Nicaragua celebrates New Years, Christmas, Easter, Holy Thursday,Good Friday and Immaculate Conception. But it also celebrates nonreligious holidays such as Air Force Day, Army Day, Crab Soup Day,Independence Day and Indigenous Resistance Day.

What are the landforms of Nicaragua?

Nicaragua has a varied assortment of landforms. With 13 mountainsand 3 mountain ranges, the topography is challenging. Add in 16volcanoes, means you'll need to find the 1 beach for relaxation

What is beetles?

Beetle is the common name for an insect called the Coleoptera.There are many thousands of species of beetles. They have wings,six legs, and two antennae that are mostly used to smell things.

What are beetles?

Beetles are bugs which have 6 legs, 2 body segments and a wing case if you see a bug which has all of these it means that you have found yourselves a rolypoly which are beetles.

How did Nicaragua get its name?

The name Nicaragua comes from the Nicarao (nik- ah-RAH-oh) tribe of people who lived there, and agua, the Spanish word for water. The water referred to the lakes where the Nicarao lived.

Music in Nicaragua?

spanish is mostly what they listen to and they use regiton they listin to a different kind of music every time

What is there to do in Nicaragua?

There are a lot of tourist attractions in Nicaragua. But the best one is MonteliMar. It is a very nice resort. There is a beach towards the back and has about 5 interconnected pools with a snack and drink bar in the center!

Is Honduras in Nicaragua?

No, Honduras and Nicaragua are both independent countries. They're neighbours though (Nicaragua is to the southeast of Honduras).

Who discovered Nicaragua?

I dont know geez Possible origins of natives in Nicaragua may be Paleo-Indians 6000 years ago. However, Europeans first discovered Nicaragua ~1502 when Columbus was in Honduras and explored the east coast on his fourth voyage. . +1 close . close pin pin search minimize forward back ViewT ( Full Answer )

Why is Nicaragua famous?

Nicaragua is famous for having many volcanoes, it has 2 big lakes! one's name is Lago Cocibolca, and the other is Lago Xolotlan. Nicaragua is also famous for the beauty of the caribbean coast, it has a very beautiful island named Corn Island. Actually, there is two Little and Big Corn Island. Nicara ( Full Answer )

Is Nicaragua an island?

Nicaragua is not a island. It is the largerst country in central america. It shares borders with Honduras and Costa Rica.

What can you see in Nicaragua?

You can see a lot of amazing landmarks in Nicaragua but if you are interested in volcanoes, they have a lot of them there.

What food is in Nicaragua?

Gallo pinto is a popular rice dish. Tortillas is a popular food. They fill them up with beans and meat. The make tamales. Bananas are an important crop.They make porridge, shakes,and cakes.

What are the provinces of Nicaragua?

There are the 15 departments of Boaco, Carazo, Chinandega, Chontales, Esteli, Granada, Jonotega, Leon, Madriz, Managua, Masaya, Matagalpa, Nueva Segovia, Rivas and Rio San Juan. The are also two autonomous regions, the North Atlantic Autonomous region and the South Atlantic Autonomous Region (the ( Full Answer )

Are there roaches in Nicaragua?

Of course there are roaches in Nicaragua, and in all of Central America. Roaches love tropical climates, and will grow very large there.

Who is the governor of Nicaragua?

Daniel Ortega is the president of Nicaragua. Juan Vasquez deCoronado is a previous governor of Nicaragua. Pedrarias Davila wasthe first governor.

Does it snow in Nicaragua?

While Nicaragua is located in South America and typically does not have snow in the general areas, it has been known to have snow in the mountainous regions of the country.

Does Nicaragua have states?

No the country of Nicaragua does not have states. It is dividedinto regions called departments. Each department has a capital.

What is 'agua' in Nicaragua?

Water is what 'agua' means in Nicaragua. The Central American country is a Latin American nation that includes Spanish among its spoken languages. The Spanish word is a feminine noun whose definite article in the singular is the masculine form 'el' , but the feminine 'las' in the plural. It's ( Full Answer )

What are Nicaragua imports?

$5.996 billion. consumer goods, machinery and equipment, raw materials, petroleum products. US 21.3%, Venezuela 14%, Costa Rica 8.7%, China 8.5%, Mexico 8.2%, Guatemala 8%, El Salvador 5.4% (2011).

What is the vegetation in Nicaragua?

Lots of tropical fruits like bananas, mangos, plantains, sapodilla, jocote, coffee, pineapple, papaya, oranges, lemons, mandarin oranges, tamarind, breadfruit, passion fruit, pitaya, Cantaloupe, Watermelon, Mamoncillo (also Spanish Lime), Avocado, Mammee Apple, Sapote, star apple, Coconut, and Cashe ( Full Answer )

Who will be on Survivor Nicaragua?

Wendy DeSmidt-Kohlhoff . Shannon Elkins . Jimmy Johnson . Jimmy Tarantino . Tyrone Davis . Kelly Bruno . Yve Rojas . Jill Behm . Alina Wilson . Marty Piombo . Brenda Lowe . "Purple" Kelly Shinn . NaOnka Mixon . Ben "Benry" Henry . Jane Bright . Dan Lembo . Holly Hoffman . Matthew "S ( Full Answer )

How long is the flight from Atlanta to Nicaragua?

A random search for flights from Atlanta (ATL) to Managua (MGA) shows: OPTION 1: 3hr 53min Nonstop ATL - MGA Delta Air Lines Flt 369 Dep 05:45pm 12Mar,Fri Flight Duration: 3hr 53min OPTION 2: 6hr 27min via Houston Intercontinental (IAH) ATL - IAH Continental Airlines Flt 2221 Dep 06:50am 12M ( Full Answer )

What natural resources are found in Nicaragua?

The resources of Nicaragua are Gold, Gypsum, Hydraulic, and last but certainly not least, Silver. So those are the resources of Nicaragua. Oh, and off subject, how many people out there are still listening to Outcast's music? Thumbs up if you do because do. My favorite songs are "Ms. Jackson, Rosa P ( Full Answer )

What does Nicaragua stand for?

It is a combo of Agua - Spanish for Water and Nicara - the name of an indigenous tribe that the Spaniards met when they arrived.

Does Nicaragua has McDonald's?

Yes, McDonalds was introduced to Nicaragua in the 70's. As of 2014There are 5 in Managua.

Are there rainforests in Nicaragua?

Yes, Nicaragua is home of many breathtaking rainforests. Indio Maiz, Selva Negra, Bosawas, etc. In fact, most of the Atlantic coast of Nicaragua is made up of rain forests.

What are the religions of Nicaragua?

Roman Catholicism is the predominant religion, claiming the allegiance of about 72.9% of the population. Approximately 15.1% of the populace are members of evangelical churches. Another 1.5% are members of the Moravian Church, and 0.1% belong to the Episcopal Church. An additional 1.9% claim members ( Full Answer )

What can you smell in Nicaragua?

in Nicaragua there is many of volcanoes there and when you climb these volcanoes you may smell the sulfur gases. icuragua has many Delicious food's probably you will be able to smell these wonderful food smell.smell nature all the exotic places around thier and thats what you can smell in nicaragu ( Full Answer )

Can blue beetle turn into a beetle?

No, The blue beetle gains his powers from the scarub which gives him an advanced alien armor with lots of weapons

Is there a beetle called the giraffe beetle?

Yes. It appears to be a normal beetle but has giraffe stripes on its back. The poster who answered the above does not know what they are talking about. A giraffe beetle has a long neck like a giraffe. it does not appear like a regular beetle, and last I knew giraffes didn't have stripes.

Is Nicaragua big?

Yes, compared to other countries, Nicaragua is big. It is the 96th largest country, so it is just barely on the larger side. However, it might be more accurate to classify Nicaragua as a medium-sized country.

What is facts about Nicaragua?

1. largest country in central america 2. climate- tropical in lowlands, cooler in high lands 3. has the only lake island in the world with 2 volcanoes 4. has fresh water sharks 5. baseball is the most popular sport

Why Yoga in Nicaragua?

This is the place for special people looking for an extraordinaryyoga teacher training experience in nature. Yoga lovers looking todeepen their yogic experience together with...