How did the beginning of agriculture and the domestication of animals promote the rise of settled communities?

Before agriculture people lived in small communities of less than 50 members. They were generally hunters and gatherers, mostly gatherers. When prehistoric man began to understand the connection between the fruit that they eat and the tree that it comes from, they began to plant seeds. This allowed them to have a semi-annual food supply. They eventually began to grow cereal crops like corn, rice or grain. These could be stored for longer periods and give a year round food supply. The domestication of animals provided the necessary protein and fat that could not usually be found in most plant materials. These advances allowed mankind to set up permanent settlements in areas that were conducive to agriculture and livestock. In areas desert like areas there are still hunting and gathering cultures existing today. Such as the tuareg of the sahara.
-Much like most of prehistory this is conjecture formed through research and not experience.