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Palestine, Jordan and Iraq came under British rule as League of Nations mandates; Saudi Arabia became independent.

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Actually, Saudi Arabia was not created at that time. King Abdulaziz bin Saud (Creator of SA) was in a military/ideological quest to unite what is now known as Saudi Arabia. Along the way, he defeated Ottoman Empire troops along the eastern shores and Ottoman supported tribes in the north. In the west (where Mecca is) he was victorious against Ottoman allies "The Ashraf".

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Q: How did the breakup of the Ottoman Empire affect Jordan Iraq Saudi Arabia and Palestine?
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Name two countries that started after the breakup of the Ottoman Empire?

The two countries that started after the breakup of the ottoman empire were Saudi Arabia and Turkey.

How did the breakup of the ottoman empire?

it started to break up when the british empire signed a mandate over palestine

What empire controlled Palestine in the 1500 and 1600s?

The Ottoman Empire

What led to the breakup of the ottoman empire?

I dont know

What 8 countries were involved in the Ottoman Empire?

The area of the Ottoman Empire consisted of more than eight current countries. Some of these countries were Romania, Serbia, Croatia, Turkey, Syria, Palestine, Israel, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Oman, and Lebanon.

When and why did the Ottoman Empire end?

Because the Ottoman Dynasty did not have courage to stand up and fight against European occupation. That day's Ottoman Empire, apart from today's Turkey, consisted nearly most of Middlea East like Syria, Iraq, Arabia, Palestine etc etc. Even more that that due the Treatry of Sevres only the quarter of today's Turkey was left to Ottoman Empire. The Ottoman Empire was overthrown for accepting this treatry.

What events led to the break up of the Ottoman empire?

explain how European partitioning in the Middle East after the breakup of the Ottoman Empire led to regional conflict

What caused the breakup of the Ottoman Empire?

Nationalism, corruption, technological and economical downfall

Why did Britain control Palestine?

In WW1 Britain conquered Mesopotamia (Iraq), Jordan and Palestine from the Ottoman Empire.

WHo controlled Palestine and Israel in the sixteenth century?

The Ottoman Empire controlled Palestine and Israel in the 16th century.

Who controlled palestine before 1947?

Ottoman Empire till 1918 and Britain after that.

Who controlled Palestine prior to World War 1?

The Ottoman (Turkish) Empire.

What was Ottoman Palestine?

The Ottoman Empire ruled the region of Palestine in three distinct provinces: the Wilayat of Beirut in the north (which extends into much of Lebanon), the Mutasaffirat of Jerusalem (which is bunched in the center), and the Wilayat of Damascus in the south (which extends into modern Jordan and Syria. There was no concept in the Ottoman Empire of a unified Palestine as Palestinian activists conceive of it today.

Who occupied Saudi Arabia before it existed?

The Ottoman Empire aka Turkey

What two countries were founded after the Ottoman Empire ended?

Turkey and Saudi Arabia.

Who colonized Saudi Arabia?

Saudi Arabia was never colonized. However, parts of Saudi Arabia were controlled by the Ottoman Empire for a few centuries.

What influences created an environment for nationalism in southwest Asia?

The breakup of the Ottoman Empire and Western interest in the region!

How was the country Jordan founded?

It was founded by the League of Nations (precursor to the UN) in 1946 after the breakup of the Ottoman Empire.

What are some accomplishments of the Ottoman Empire?

Conquering the land that is now known as Turkey. They also conquered Syria, Palestine, Egypt, Mesopotamia, parts of Arabia, and North Africa. They also attacked the Byzantine Empire, seized Constantinople which is now Istanbul and is also their capital.

What group has tried unsuccessfully to establish a nation since the breakup of the Ottoman Empire after World War 1?

The kurds

What ethnic group has tried to establish a nation since the breakup of the Ottoman Empire after World War 1?

the kurds

When was Iraq recognized as a country?

around 1920, as a result of the breakup of the Ottoman Empire, which itself was a result of World War I

Describe the geographic extent of the Ottoman empire at its height?

At its peak the Ottoman empire stretched from Hungary and Poland in the north to Saudi Arabia in the south and from Algeria in the west to Iran and the Persian Gulf in the east.

Was the state of israel a part of the Ottoman Empire that was ceded to the Israelis in 1923?

From 1517 until 1917, the land that is now Israel was part of the Ottoman Empire. After that, it was part of the Mandate of Palestine, until it was partitioned into Israel in 1948.

What are all the ways the Islam influences the culture of soudi Arabia?

te ottoman empire took over