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Q: How did the carbon and water cycle effect the swift fox?
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Does the carbon cycle influence the greenhouse effect?

Yes, the earth's carbon cycle, as well as the water cycle, supports the natural greenhouse effect. By moving carbon dioxide in and out of the atmosphere the carbon cycle allows greenhouse gases to capture the reflected heat of the sun. These warmed greenhouse gases keep the earth comfortable enough for life.

What is the importance of the water cycle nitrogen cycle and carbon cycle?

to create a water cycle of carbon dixide.

Does water cycle cause global warming?

No, the water cycle (and the carbon cycle) support the natural greenhouse effect. This is where the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere (including water vapor) capture the sun's heat as it radiates up from the surface of the earth. The natural greenhouse effect is not causing global warming. That is being caused by the enhanced greenhouse effect.

Does the sun have effect on the water cycle?

Yes, the sun has a major effect on the water cycle. It initiates the water cycle.

How is the carbon cycle similar to the water cycle?

my butt

What can be a sentence using the words water cycle carbon and nutrient cycle?

Water helps carbon and other elements to complete the nutrient cycle.

Summarize the sun's effect on the water cycle?

sun is the start of the water cycle so it the effect of water

Compare and contrast the water cycle nitrogen cycle and carbon cycle?

A water cycle, nitrogen cycle and carbon cycle are all considered biogeochemical cycles. All these cycles are needed to sustain life on Earth. The water cycle is the constant movement of water on, above and below the Earth's surface. The nitrogen cycle is the conversion of nitrogen between its different chemical forms. The carbon cycle the exchange of carbon amid Earth's various spheres and the atmosphere.

Hydrologic cycle and the carbon cycles?

Hydrologic cycle replenishes water. Carbon cycle regulates the amount of carbon on earth's surface.

What are the three nutrient cycles that play especially prominent roles in the biosphere?

carbon cyclenitrogen cyclewater cyclecarbon, nitrogen, and water.... Carbon cycle - nitrogen cycle - hydrologic or water cycle

What are the cycles in the ecosystems?

carbon cycle and the water cycle

When does carbon escape into the air and ground in the water cycle?

The carbon cycle moves carbon mainly along the seawater and soil.

What is common the carbon cycle and the nitrogen cycle and the water cycle?

Water cycle is more common if we consider amount as a critarion .

What effect does water have in the moss life cycle?

what effect does water have in the moss lifecycle

What are the cycles in nature?

nitrogen cycle, carbon cycle, water cycle, and sulfur cycle

What cycle will Deforestation affect?

It can affect the Carbon Cycle, Nitrogen Cycle and Water Cycle.

Is the nitrogen cycle part of the water cycle and the carbon and oxygen cycle?


Does water pollution affect the carbon cycle?

Yes it affects carbon cycle. All organic substances comprise of carbon.

How do floods effect the water cycle?

i guess if there is too much water in the water cycle

What does the water cycle and the carbon cycle have in common?

they preserve oxygen

What are natural cycles of a forest?

carbon cycle and a water cycle

What are the different cycles in nature?

Carbon cycle, water cycle, nitrogen cycle, oxygen cycle.

Which cycle recycles matter through an ecosystem?

the water cycle, nitrogen cycle, and the carbon cycle.

How does water affect the greenhouse effect?

Water vapor, as part of the water cycle, is one of the greenhouse gases in the natural greenhouse effect which keeps the earth at the right temperature for life. It has no part in the enhanced greenhouse effect, largely caused by carbon dioxide and methane, that is causing global warming.

What is the role of water in the carbon cycle?

It creates a gas chamber of selected gases in allowing the carbon cycle to continue with the carbon dioxide intake.