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Military bases employed MANY people. When the cold war ended in 1990, base closures put MANY people out of work.

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Q: How did the cold war shape the American economy?
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How was globalization and the American economy in the post cold war?

cold water

Did the use of the atomic bombs shape American foreign policy during the Cold war?

very much

The American economy after World War 2?

Your question is unclear - what about the American economy?

Economy after Mexican American war?

The economy was on a roll.

How was China's economy during World War I?

The economy of China in the world war 1 period was that it was in a bad shape.

How was America's economy after the Vietnam war?

No change; the cold war was still on.

Who were the American leaders during the cold war?

Jonathan Seth Rosenberg was the cold war leader for the American side.

What was the economy in World War 2?

America's economy was in terrible shape, but Germany's, Italy's, and Japan's economy where in great shape, Germany had the best at the time. Adolf Hitler made the Economy in Germany prosperous.

What effect did World War 2 have on American economy?

The economy greatly expanded.

What impacts did World War 1 have on the US economy?

in a world war 1 on the us ecompny all the american are died and and war is started 1941 to 1954 the american is won the war by us economy

How did war in Europe affect the American economy?

The war in Europe affected the American economy by creating a massive increase in US industrial production as well as stable prices.

What came first the Cold War or the Spanish American War?

The Cold War came after WW2 and WW1 came before WW2 and after the Spanish American War and therefore the US Civil War preceededed the Spanish American War, or something like that.

How was the USSR's economy like during the cold war?

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What was the reason of the collapse of the soviet union at the end of the cold war?

Their economy.

Was the Cold War an actual war?

WEll .. YEAHH..o.o its an American WAr

After the spanish American war many workers in cuba?

After the Spanish-American War, many workers in Cuba resented American control of the economy.

What did many workers in Cuba do after the Spanish American War?

Resented American control of the economy.

Which one way the American economy altered by revolution war?


How did war industries board affect the American Economy?

It bolstered it.

What was one immediate effect of the cold war on South Carolina and the nation?

Its Economy

What was ronald reagon known for?

He ended the cold war and kept the economy stable

Who was involved with the Cold War?

The Cold War was most nations on Earth either on the American side or the Soviet side.

Best describes a similarity between American involvement in Afghanistan and Nicaragua during the Cold War?

Cold war

How was Bulgaria's economy after World War 2?

in a bad shape. devaluation, poverty and misery

What has not changed since the Korean War?

The cold war is still going on in the penisula. The people and the land are still in seperation. American military troops is still there. North Korea is still under strict planned economy.