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When the electronic digital computer was first invented it had no effect at all on the economy. It took roughly a decade before commercially available computers became available that large companies could afford. It was not until the 1960s that computers began to have significant effects on the economy.


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he did not Charles Babbage invented the computer, an wang just invented a computer program

Just how it affected cairns earlier

I think who invented was in the early 1780's or it was just the computer did that answer your question?

just a little because some northerners had slaves too

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The Computer was invented to make life so much better so that we can accomplish normal day things just a lot faster so that is why the computer was invented. Dont ask that question again it was a bad one.

It was a greek philosopher just over 2000 years ago.

Its the economy going ever more global. It means American businesses have to work on the global market rather than just the American one.

Computer will basicly do everything for you just about. and one day they will become robots. and then they will take over the world

Who ever is reading these is stupid.. You just got fooled thinking that i have the answer for that question =) =) =) =)

The man who invented the computer was called Charles Babbage. I cannot show an image of him as it won't let me. If you want to see an image of him just type in google images "Charles Babbage".

I guess it really just depends whether it is on or not and what kind of computer it is. If it is on I recommend turning it off do to radiation. Which is believed to cause cancer. But if your computer is off then I just suggest to be careful where you put because you can cause damage to it.

China has a just market economy.

The earliest computer was invented in the United States by students and professors at the University of Pennsylvania just before the start of world war 2.

ballistics solutions for army, h-bomb simulation for los alamos, etc.

Worms slow computer down, they can affect your internet by making it not work, and in general it can stop things on your computer from working at all. It can make computer just keep rebooting, but not actually turning on. They can ask you for money, scamming you.

Bill gates did not invent the computer just the latest software IBM invented the first computer and a very basic software the did not come with the the computer it came sepralety when bought I hope this helps as I am a computer engineer myself thanks

A virus can be sneaky and mostly the reason why a virus hacks your computer is because they want you to buy their product .About 4 months ago i had a computer virus on my computer called security tool it wanted me to buy there security .Another reason why is because they just want to annoy you or just damage your computer.

Spam itself does not affect your computer. That is just email. However, if you have a virus that is giving you the spam then that could affect your computer and reduce your computer's performance. In that case, the spam would be a symptom of the damage that is already done. If you click on download links in the spams, then you could install a virus, and that would lead to problems.

I noticed a nice gain in fuel economy by doing an intake system and exhaust system. One thing to note on these cars, is that they are computer controlled, every 30 miles the computer reprograms itself to optimize your fuel economy. I have seen from 33 up to 38 mpg with just the 2 above modifications.

"becos ther dumb" Whoever wrote that just made themself look like an idiot. people invented computers to make work easier and for entertainment.

Hackers take personal information, and steal, or have a jump ahead. Viruses will just affect your computer, and mess with you.

Microsoft basically invented the computer as we know it now, before they where just very big calculates

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