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Q: How did the constitution of 1876 expand voting rights in Texas after the civil war?
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What does the U.S. Constitution have but not the Texas Constitution?

A bill of rights is included in the US Constitution.

What is article 1 of the Texas Constitution?

Bill of Rights

How are the Texas constitution and US Constitution similar?

They Both have the Bill of Rights and Separation of powers. ZAZA

What year was the current Texas constitution adopted?

Texas wrote its first constitution in 1836, but its current constitution has been in place since February 15, 1876. The Texas Bill of Rights is contained in Article 1 of its current constitution.

In what ways were the Texas Constitution of 1836 and the US Constitution similar?

A bicameral legislature, bill of rights and separation of powers.

What was the only state in history to have a bill of rights?

Texas, I believe, because the people created "The Texas Constitution" in 1876, which contains its own set of Bill of Rights.

How did the Texas Constitution of 1869 effect blacks?

It forbid slavery and reconized equal rights.

What is the Texas constitution?

The constitution of Texas!

What were three protections in the Texas constitution that were uniuqe to Texas?

Bill of Rights protecting freedoms of speech, the press, and religion; right to trial by jury; and other basic civil rights.

When does early voting end in Texas?

Early voting in Texas ends Friday November 2, 2012

Are you required to present identification when voting in an election in Texas?

Yes, you are required to present identification when voting in an election in Texas.

How many amendments are on the Texas constitution bill of rights?

I agree 17 amendments i would know cuz i was there

What are the differences and similarities between the Texas constitution and the US Constitution?

Similarities: Both contain Bill of Rights, Separation of Powers, Bicameral Legislature Differences: ?

Compare and contrast the Texas constitution with the US Constitution?

well you see the Texas Constitution is for Texas whereas the U.S. Constitution is for the United States

Strengths and weaknesses of the Texas constitution?

weakness of texas constitution

How many Bill of Rights are in the Texas constitution?

There are approximately 17 including the important ones and also the beatles are vikings

In What Way does the Texas Constitution reflect the influence of the US Constitution?

Texas made changes to the application of admission into the Union and updated their Constitution for re-admission after the Civil War. Their modification includes insurance that they would enforce their rights against an Oppressive Federal Government.

Why did Texas adopt its current constitution that limits the power of state government?

The Texas Constitution limited the power of state government because people were worried that a powerful government would abuse that power and interfere with the rights of the people. The state's constitution has 17 articles.

What year did blacks gain voting rights in Texas?

In the last of the twenties my mother talked about they having the right to pay poll taxes and vote, she was a Negro.

How did women contribute to Texas politics in the 1920s?

They won complete voting rights and banned alcoholic beverages until 1933, when the 18th amendment was repealed.

What voting district is seabrook Texas in?


When does Texas early voting begin?

Early voting in Texas in November begins 17 days before the election date.

How did the new Texas constitution treat Mexicans living in Texas?

How did the new Texas Constitution treat Mexicans living in Texas?

How many bill of rights in the Texas constitution diffrenet from the US?

i dont know anything bout this i was just using this as a project

What was Texas constitution based on?

State of Texas