How did the death of Archduke Franz Ferdinand lead to global conflict?


The assassination in itself didn't really cause World War I. It merely triggered it. Europe had been close to war for ages for a variety of reasons that I won't go into right now.

Germany, Austria-Hungary and Italy were all allied. This meant that if any one of them got attacked, the other two would pitch in and help as well. This was called the Triple Alliance. Britain, France and Russia did the same thing. This was called the Triple Entente.

At the time, Bosnia was part of the Austria-Hungarian empire. However, some Bosnians didn't like this and wanted to join up with their neighbours Serbia instead. Serbia also wanted to join up with Bosnia. So, when the heir to the Austrian throne, Franz Ferdinand, got assassinated in Sarajevo [the capital of Bosnia] in 1914, the Austria-Hungarians blamed Serbia for it.

This would have just been a small war, fighting over Bosnia, but if you remember Austria-Hungary was allied with both Germany and Italy. So Germany and Italy got dragged into the war too.

Also, Russia had agreed to help Serbia, so Russia got dragged in. Russia, in turn, was allied with France and Britain. By now, most of the larger European countries were involved in the war, and it just escalated from there.


I will do my best to answer this. The death of the Archduke lead to global conflict because his death upset Austria-Hungry and they wanted to attack Serbia but they knew that if they attacked Serbia then russia would come to the aid of Serbia so they asked germeny to back them if russia got involved and so Germany said ok so Austria-hungry attacked and russia started to mobilize there troops so Germany knew that somehow France was connected to russia so Germany decided to wipe out France so that they would not have to fight on both side of their borders. They decided to invade France through belgum which got Great Britain involved. and the rest is history!!


When Archduke Franz Ferdinand was assassinated Austria-Hungary wanted to attack Serbia. They knew that if they attacked Serbia that Russia would defend Serbia. SO, they asked Germany to back them up if Russia were to attack them. Germany said Yes, so Austria-Hungary attacked Serbia, and Russia declared war on Austria-Hungary, and Germany declared war on Russia. Thus, WWII was started.