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by know of initial mass of the earth and mass of the earth in this time we can find mass decay of the earth and by the formula of E=MC2 we can find the energy of the earth and when we have the energy by formula E=E0e(it) we can find t that is the time


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Earths energy is released when there is too much heat inside of Earth and volcano's erupt.

heat energy transferred by earths atmosphere by the sun

The earth's energy source is the sun.

What is the question? I think the question is what are earths resources? and what are energys resources?

solar energy absorbed by the sun

describe three things that can happen to energy when it reaches the earths atmosphere

Main source of earths internal energy is radioactive decays inside the earth core.

Earth's energy is solely infrared energy.

about 23 % of all earths energy

The earth's energy being reflected to atmosphere.

by the earth's energy being reflected to the atmosphere

Radiant and gravitational Energy.

When Earths surface is heated it radiates some of the energy back into the atmosphere as "Infrared Radiation."

Energy! Who doesn't know that?

my answer is the heat energy is magmaThe heat energy in earths crust is geothermal energy

Appearance of nuclear energy and nuclear weapons.

the sun is the earths primary source of energy

Most of the earths energy comes from the sun and its rays

the amount of energy absorbed by the sun and the amount of energy that escapes the earths atmosphere.

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