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Q: How did the doors get their name?
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Why did The Doors name their band The Doors?

Aldous Huxley's book "The Doors of Perception"

How did the band The Doors get their name?

from aldous huxley's the doors of perception

What is the name for a person that locks church doors after service?

In my church, the head usher locks the doors after the service.

Where do you buy doors in woozworld?

There is only one place in woozworld where there are doors!.They are in the Studio oh and my name is keann add me

Why did the band the doors name themselves the doors?

Because they were a bridge to a new kind of music. The Doors also chose their name as in Huxley's book ones perception of reality can be altered by in some cases drugs which though not endorsed by the Doors, were part of their music. In other words their music had the ability to be heard from an entirely different perspective.

What is the name of khana kaba doors?


What is the name of the singer in the doors?

jim morrison

What song about doors did the group The Doors sing?

None, or actually all. You see the name the Doors comes from "The Doors of Perception" a book by Aldous Huxley which explores the mind-altering effects of mescaline. So in a sense many of the Doors songs celebrate or are fueled by the idea of a "prolonged derangement of the senses".

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What is the name of the lead singer of The Doors?

Brad Arnold

What is the scientific name for sex outside?

intercourse outside (out of doors) outercorse?

What was the name of the document Martin Luther posted on the doors of Castle Church?

The document Martin Luther posted on the doors of Castle Church was the Ninety-five Theses.

Who is Avril married to what is his name?

Deryck Whibley from the band doors of draven.

Name of movie set in desert?

the black stallion, the doors, etc

What is the name of the band that has a music video with the army in it?

Three Doors Down

What is the name of the lead singer in Three Doors Down?

Brad Arnold

What is the name of the first hit single by 3 doors down?


What is the phobia name for the fear of opening doors?

It falls into the category of agoraphobia .

What is the name of Jewish prayer object on doors?

It's called a mezuzah.

What does the girl name taylor mean?

it means to love nature and the out doors.

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There are quite a few online stores that will help people purchase shed doors in different sizes and styles. To name a few, one could try stores such as Shed Doors N More and Lowes.

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Is the singer for 3 doors down alive?

Yes, his name is Brad Arnold.