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The Union army and the North were losing morale for the war. Lincoln knew he had to give the troops and citizens a reason to keep fighting. He made the end of slavery the reason why they are fighting and it boosted the Union Army's morale.

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Did the emancipation proclamation start the civil war?

No, it didn't. The Emancipation Proclamation was released shortly after the Battle of Antietam, after the Civil War had already started.

Which came first the Emancipation Proclamation or the American Civil War?

Civil War - 1861 to 1865.Emancipation Proclamation - January 1, 1863.

What happened first the emancipation proclamation or reconstruction?

The Emancipation Proclamation was issued during the Civil War; Reconstruction was the period following the war.

What starts with p that had to do with the civil war?

Proclamation, as in Emancipation Proclamation.

When was the emancipation proclamation announced to the public?

the emancipation proclamation was announced to the public during the civil war in 1884

What were the lives of the slaves like after the Civil War?

There weren't any slaves after the american civil war. They were freed by the emancipation act.

What are civil war words that start with p?

Proclamation, as in Emancipation Proclamation.

Did the Emancipation Proclamation end the Civil War?

No, it was just for the northern states.

Did the civil war end slavery?

No, the Emancipation Proclamation ended Slavery

What laws were passed during the civil war?

Emancipation Proclammation and others

Did slavery ended after the Civil War?

actually it ended when the emancipation proclamation

What completely ended slavery in the US?

The Emancipation Proclamation after the Civil War.

Who made the emancipation proclamation a federal law?

The Emancipation Proclamation was never a law. It was an executive action used as a war measure in the US Civil War.

When did the Emancipation Proclamation end the US Civil War?

The Emancipation Proclamation did not end the US Civil War, which would carry on for nearly two and a half years after it was signed by Lincoln January 1, 1863.

Who was the leading black spokesman for the emancipation of slaves prior to the civil war?

Who was the most Famous spokesman for Blacks prior to the Civil War?

President who issued the ''Emancipation Proclamation'' during the civil war?

lincoln he was the president during the civil war which was when this happened

Why was the Battle of Antietam important to the Emancipation proclamation?

The Battle of Antietam was very important to the Emancipation Proclamation because it was the final battle of the Civil War. The treaty was signed at Antietam Courthouse and the Emancipation Proclamation declared slaves free, which was the whole point in the Civil War.

During what war was emancipation proclamation signed?

The United States Civil War (1861-64)

Why did the emancipation proclamation changed the goals of the north in the civil war?

The CSA was going to make an alliance with Britain, who disliked the idea of slavery. Lincoln used the Emancipation Proclamation as a way to turn the Civil War from "The Between The States," to a war about slavery.

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