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How did the Hindenburg compare to the graf zeppelin?

The Hindenburg carried more passengers than the Graf Zeppelin.

Where experiments can be carried out?

they are carried out on your stupid head

How many passengers couldThe Hindenburg carry?

The Hindenburg carried 50 passengers when launched in 1936. Before the 1937 season, additional cabins were added, allowing the Hindenburg to carry 72 passengers. http://www.airships.net/hindenburg

What was on the Hindenburg when it crashed?

97 people, including 36 passengers and 61 crew. (13 passengers and 22 crew members were killed in the disaster.) Hindenburg also carried mail and freight, and two dogs.

Which scientist carried out experiments with light rays?

Newton did experiments using prisms to show that white light contained all colours of light.

Why might experimental probability be different from theoretical probability?

There may not have been a sufficient number of experiments carried out. The experiments may not have been carried out properly. There may have been incorrect assumptions made in deriving the theoretical probability.

What is Hindenburg?

Paul von Hindenburg was a German General of World War I who became the President of Germany. His successor was Adolf Hitler. Hindenburg is the name of the a large Zeppelin airships that carried passengers, mail, and freight between in first flight in March, 1936 and its destruction by fire on May 6, 1937 at Lakehurst, New Jersey.

What does labortores mean?

A laboratory is a workshop where scientific experiments or practical scientific work is carried out.

What are some examples of experiments conducted on the international space ststion?

There are many experiments carried out from crystal formation, plant growth, to making drinking water from waste. I will add a link at the bottom that will give you some idea of the variety of experiments

Describe the experiments Antoine lavoisier carried out that led to the law's formulation?

Lavoisier conducted a number of experiments that were based on the assumption that matter can neither be created nor destroyed and validated it through the experiments. This led to the formulation of the Law of Conservation of Mass (or Matter).

What is Mariner 5?

Was a spacecraft of the Mariner program that carried a complement of experiments to probe Venus' atmosphere by radio occulation.

Is Einstein formula E equals MC2 wrong?

Experiments carried out so far confirm the formula.

Which experiments did he carry out to prove this?

Micheal Molloy was the Village Idiot in 1832 , Louis carried out experiments on this doo-doo head. He died from overflowing nose bleeds in 1843! Awww.... oh well!

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