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Jesse Lacey - bass, backing vocals (on "Go On" and "Summer Stars")

Tell All Your Friends

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and they are all amazing!

Brand New vs TBS vs Straylight RunThe Long Island Rock legend goes that once upon a time, Jesse Lacey, now the lead singer of Brand New, was best friends with John Nolan, former guitarist/singer of Taking Back Sunday and current guitarist/singer for Straylight Run. As the legend goes, at some point during the duration of the close friendship, Jesse's girlfriend cheated on him with John. During their fight, Jesse allegedly said "You're as subtle as a brick in the small of my back so let's end this call and end this conversation." However, this is ironically close to the line in "Seventy Times Seven." This song was released on Brand New's first album, Your Favorite Weapon, originally released October 9, 2001.

While TBS was writing songs for their first album, Tell All Your Friends, originally released March 26, 2002, John Nolan heard the lyrics to "Seventy Times Seven." In response, TBS wrote the song "There's No 'I' in Team." Some speculate that the song was an apology of sorts to Jesse. Some say it was an explanation. But it seems that the best explanation is that it was TBS's way of giving the lyrical finger to Jesse. Lyrics such as "Wearing your black eye like a badge of honor/soaking in sympathy" and, most notably, in an interlude that also includes the lyrics "Is that what you call tact/You're about as subtle as a brick in the small of my back/so let's end this call and end this conversation/That's right he said it," seem to support this last explanation.

These are most frequently referenced songs by the thousands of emo kids discussing the feud on message boards all over the internet. But they aren't the only two. Your Favorite Weaponalso contains the song "Mix Tape." This song feels less like righteous anger and more like best friend scorned. Some of the lyrics in "Mix Tape" include, "And I'm sick of your tattoo/and the way you don't appreciate Brand New or me." The most notable of all being, "I got a twenty dollar bill that says no one's ever seen you without makeup/You're always made up." That lyric is referenced by TBS in "There's No 'I' in team." It is, "I've got a twenty dollar bill/That says you're up late night starting fist fights versus fences."

TBS's Tell All Your Friends also contained the song "Timberwolves At New Jersey." This song is a blatant dig at Your Favorite Weapon. Most of the lyrics are aimed at Jesse and frankly, they're pretty cold. A few of the most notable lines are "Those words at best were worse than teenage poetry/Fragment ideas and too many pronouns/Stop it, come on, you're not making sense now/You can't make them want you/They're all just laughing" and, in the second verse, "Was his demise so carefully constructed/Well let's just say I got what I wanted/Cause in the end it's always the same."

Some sources say that the song "The Shower Scene," off Your Favorite Weapon is referencing when Jesse found out about John and his girlfriend. Lines like, "Its funny how your worst enemies always seem to/Turn out to be all of your/Best friend's, best friends." Later in the song, the line, "I hope she's caught in the explosion," seems to also support this idea. However the rest of the song seems to imply that the singer feels a level of guilt about something. So, at this point, it seems debatable.

After the albums were released, the two singers apparently made up. There are many videos online showing the two on stage together singing "There's No 'I' in Team." So, for a while, things appeared to be all right.

Around this same time, Adam Lazzara, the lead singer for TBS, began dating John Nolan's sister, Michelle. It appears that Adam and John had many creative differences while the band was busy writing songs for their follow up album, Where You Want to Be. So, when Adam allegedly cheated on Michelle, did not help matters. During this time, John and Shaun Cooper left TBS and formed the band Straylight Run with Michelle.

Multiple threads on the internet have speculated that the Straylight Run song "Another Word for Desperate" off their first album is about Adam. The best argument for an incendiary song on that album would be "Sympathy for the Martyr." However, it is unclear whether the blame is pinned on Adam or Jesse. If there is any hint, it would be in the line "Convinced there's a war on/It's always everybody versus you." This could be a reference to a line from the song "Okay I Believe You But My Tommy Gun Don't" from Brand New's second album, Deja Entendu. The line is "This is war/Every line is about who I don't want to write about anymore."

The TBS song "Slowdance on the Inside" from Where You Want To Be seems to be Adam's own lyrical revenge against the trio. At various point, the song seems to be about Jesse, who was openly bashing TBS, John and Michelle at shows. But certainly, the rage is directed at all three. Lyrics such as, "You move slow like daytime drama/and I'm boring like his songs," are obviously about John and Jesse. However, the song also insinuates that it was Michelle, not Adam, who was unfaithful. Lyrics such as, "One of us never did it but we're taking it all/And tell me why you never promised that you wanted it all/And her eyes never batted when she said it/It's a long night, open, know it/...This glass house is burning down/You light the match, I'll stick around," support this conclusion.

It has to be said that this article is completely based on speculation about rumors and leaked information. Also, it is important to note that almost all of the drama was contained on the first and second albums from Brand New and TBS. In the past couple of years, it seems to have largely died down. The most recent comment was made to New York Nightlife in Late 2004 from Adam. He was asked if there was still a war between the three of them. He responded, "No. . . yeah. Freak it. Keep it going. See if I care. All I'll say is that pride is a funny thing."

although it would be so cool if this were true because it would be an all out war between them all its inaccurate reason there was a feud between Brand New and TBS was after john and shaun left the band Adam continued to play there's no i in team which has nothing to do with him because Adam didn't write any of the lyrics or music back then. Jesse felt it was disrespectful to play a song about him after john left. John and Jesse are friends they are both from long island and do go to each others shows. I know them all personally so that is the true story sorry there isn't so much hype behind it. although brand new came out with the best Shirt ever MICS ARE FOR SINGING NOT SWINGING! those were the only 2 songs directly involved with the feud

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Q: How did the feud between Taking Back Sunday Brand New and Straylight Run start?
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