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Hitler had long looked for ways to remove the Jews from Germany. The "Final Solution" was so named because it was the final plan needed to get rid of the Jews. Other plans had involved forced emigration and removal of Jews from the Reich.


The "Final Solution [of the Jewish Question]" is a translation of the Nazis' own term for it - "Endloesung [der Judenfrage]". It was meant to apply to all Jews in Europe. Since about 1980 the more usual term has been the Holocaust.

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Q: How did the final solution get its name?
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What was Hitler's name for the Holocaust?

One name Hitler had for it was "The Final Solution".

What was the code name for the development of the A-bomb?

final solution

What was the name of the program to kill all Jews?

If the question refers to the Holocaust, the plan is called "The Final Solution".It was called The Final Solution.

What was the name of hitlers plan to kill the Jews?

The Final Solution.

Is the Final Solution a noun?

Solution is a noun and final is an adjective and the Final Solution is a noun phrase or, arguably, a proper noun.

When did the Final Solution end?

The final solution ended in 1945

What was the name given to hitlers plan to eliminate Jews?

The final solution

What was the name of the plan to eradicate the Jews was devised by Hitler?

the "Final Solution"

What was the name of the plan Hitler devised for how to rid the world of Jews?

The Final Solution was the name of the plan. The Allies knew of the final solution through intel, but thought it was a military plan, not plans for the Holocaust.

Was genocide the name that Hitler used for his plan to eliminate the Jews?

No, the name of this plan was the final solution.

How was Hitler involved in the final solution?

Hitler was the maker of the Final Solution.

What was Hitlers final solution-?

Hitler's stated "Final solution" was the elimination of Jews. [It comes from 'The Final Solution to the Jewish question'].

What was the name of the Nazi campaign that destroy the Jews?

The Final Solution( Of the Jewish Question)

What is the name of the german plan to eradicate jews?

The Nazi euphemism for it was "The Final Solution".

What was the name of the Nazi plan to eliminate all Jewish people?

final solution

How were children treated in the final solution?

Children were treated good in the final solution

What year of the Holocaust was the Final Solution?

The Final Solution was the Holocaust.

How were ghettos part of the final solution?

the ghettos came before the final solution

How long did the final solution go for?

The Final Solution went on for about three years.

What is the definition of Final Solution?

The Final Solution was the plan to rid of Europe's Jews.

What is the Final Solution of Holocaust?

The "Final Solution" was to be the killing of all Jewish people.

What was the Germans' motive for the 'Final Solution'?

The Final Solution of the Jewish Question (German Endl

What was the final solution during the holocaust?

The Final Solution in the Holocaust was the decision to kill the Jews.

What was the objective of the Final Solution?

The objective of the final solution was to eliminate Europe of all its Jews.

Who came up with the Final Solution and why?

Heinrich was the person that came up with the Final Solution.