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it helped by having a new kind of camera to use. the more different kinds the more the better variety and quality and now we have good quality digital cameras

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What year was the first Kodak camera made?

The first Kodak camera was manufactured in 1888. It was a simple camera for consumers.

Why is the Kodak camera important?

Kodak camera is important because it was the first camera ever made.

What year the first Kodak came out?

The first Kodak camera was introduced by George Eastman in 1888.

Who created the first digital camera?

Kodak invented the digital camera.

What camera was introduced by Kodak in 1900?

Kodak introduced its first Brownie camera in February 1900. Visit related link below for more on this camera.

What is the benefit of the first Kodak camera?

The first Kodak camera came with pre-loaded rolled film so you no longer had to use single plates.

What was the first box camera called in 1890?

It was called the Kodak Brownie camera. Kodak is still a leading maker of cameras today.

Who invented the kodiak camera?

George Eastman invented the Kodak camera and the first camera was on the market in 1888. The Kodak company is headquartered in New York and sells products worldwide.

When was the first digital camera made?

:In 1991, Kodak released the first professional digital camera system (DCS), aimed at photojournalists. It was a Nikon F-3 camera equipped by Kodak with a 1.3 megapixel sensor.

When was the first Kodak camera invented?

The first Kodak camera -- produced in 1888 -- was pre-loaded with enough film for 100 exposures. The price of the camera was $25.00 and the cost to develop the film was $10.00(the development included returning the entire camera to the manufacture. The pictures were then developed and a new role of film was inserted back into the camera). The first Kodak camera was made in 1881 by the company of the owner George Eastman. The Kodak Camera is a truely amazing piece of craftsmanship and it shall exist for quite a long time.

How much did the first camera cost to make?

Define "first camera" for us, and then perhaps we can help you make a guess.the first Kodak digital camera

When was the first digital camera invited?

the first digital camera that was available commercially was in 1991 by Kodak and was available for $13,000!

Where can I find kodak camera cables?

You can find Kodak camera cables in any camera store. First you should check the store you bought the camera from. You can also check places like Walmart or Best Buy.

When was the first kodak film camera introduced?

The kodak company was debuted in the year 1888. George Eastman was the genius behind this innovation. The earliest kodak camera had enough film to take one hundred photographs.

Who invented the first camera in the 1900s?

The first camera was invented long before the 1900s. George Eastman invented the "Kodak" camera, the first camera marketed to the general public, in the 1900s.

What company built the first digital camera?

Steven Sasson as an engineer at Eastman Kodak bult the first digital camera.

What was the first mass-marketed camera?

Generally agreed to be the Kodak roll film camera, invented by George Eastman who eventually formed Eastman Kodak Company.

Who was the first to use Kodak camera?

Probably the inventor George Eastman.

When was the first Kodak easy share camera made?

The first camera was a simple point and shoot camera of the DX series. This was the first camera compatible with the EasyShare Camera Dock, it was later replaced by the CX series.

What company's first camera was a box camera named No 1?

The box camera called The Brownie was made by the Eastman Kodak Company.

How much did the first digital camera cost?

Steven sasson an engineer Eastman Kodak invented the first camera which cost $500

Who made the first digital camera?

Steve Sasson of Eastman Kodak in 1975.

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