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Knowing the sound give off waves, like ripples in the water, they travel into the mouth piece there the sound waves are copied by the transmitter behind the transmitter are carbon grains that when an electric current is traveling makes the grains vibrate and that alters the resistance of the grains as a whole. In this way the sound makes more and less current flow in the circuit in proportion to the sound.

At the other end was a coil of wire within a magnet attached to a diaphragm. The variations in current caused the wire to move in the magnetic field and so make the diaphragm vibrate in sympathy. Vibrations (as we learnt at the beginning) move air and this makes sound!


The only problem with the above is Bell did not invent the "carbon transmitter" described above, His first telephones used a transmitter containing a corrosive liquid which could leak and make a mess.
The first phones were very simple. There was no dial and it was basically a box with a ear piece and voice piece. The person using it picked it up clicked the reciever and an operator came on asking who did the person wanted to to call. The operator completed the call. The first phones were sold installed in Hartford Conn in 1877 and the first exchange linking two cities was in 1883 between Boston and NYC. The group of operators in the exchange working at a large switchboard and connected it manually for the caller. Coin operated phones were made in 1889 and the first dial phones came about in 1923 in France.

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Q: How did the first telephone work?
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