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easy one, because you play with your feet easy one, because you play with your feet

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Q: How did the football get its name?
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What is another name for football?

another name for football is soccer.

Who invented football game name them?

who invented football game name them

What is the name of a football championship?

A football championship?

What is the college professors name that invited football?

what is the name of the person that invinted football

How did football get its name?

football got its name because people just kept kicking a ball with their foot so it became FOOTBALLWhat type of football, the football in the middle east or in america?

What football clubs name has none of the letters in football?

evrey football team has football in it because fc Football

What is another name for association football?

Names for Football.Association football, soccer, socca, Futebol, fussball. There are many other, but the official name is football.Association football is know simply as football, or, in the U.S., soccer.

What is the name of Liverpool coach in football?

The name of Liverpool football coach is Gary Ablett

What is the name of the Harvard's football team?

The name of the Harvard football teams is the Harvard Crimson.

What is the name of Yale's football team?

The name of Yale's football team is Yale Bulldogs.

What was Jackie Robinson's football teams name?

what was Jackie Robinson football teams name

What is the first name given to football?

Association Football

What is the shape of a football in 3D not the name football?


What is the name for the football team that plays in Ohio?

The name for the Ohio football team is the Ohio Buckeyes.

Where is football game played?

On a football pitch, a football club's ground, a football stadium, are three possible name for where football can be played.

How did the name soccer came to life?

the name "soccer" is not the real name it is football. Football is because you use your foot. duhhhh!

What anther name for football?

Another name for the actual football, is pigskin. But i don't know another name for the actual game.

What does the 1000 mean on a football?

It is the 'name' of the football .... the Wilson 1000.

Which football clubs name has none of the letters in football?

There will be tons.

Which football clubs name are in the letters football?

because he is rubbish

Name the only football team in the football league which does not have the letters from the word mackerel in its name?

Swindon Town

What is the name of Ohio State's football stadium?

the name of the Ohio state football stadium is OHIO STADIUM =]

Which british football league club has the Shortest name?

the shortest name in the british football league is Bury

What is the Name of the South African football team?

The answer is mentioned in the question. Name is South African Football Team.

What is the Pittsburgh football team name.?

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania's NFL football team name is the Pittsburgh Steelers.