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Our forefathers set up the Checks and Balances system. The three branches of government. The Legislative, Executive, and Judicial. Not one of them has more power than the other. It takes two of them to agree to overturn a decision. Even the President can not change a vote or an outcome of one of the other branches without approval of another branch.

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Q: How did the founding fathers make sure that no person or group of people could contorl the government?
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What were the founding fathers views of government?

The founding fathers viewed the government as limited. The government served at the bequest of the people.

Why did your founding fathers create a limited government?

Founding Fathers created a limited Government because they did not want the rest of the world to influence the power that they have' and they did not want the common people to rebel against them.

Who said the government of the people for the people by the people?

The founding fathers when they wrote the constitution of the united states. :)

What did the Founding Fathers fear?

The founding fathers feared that a democratic government, with power in the hands of the people. They knew and discussed how all prior democracies ended in disastrous failure.

Why did our founding fathers use a representative government?

They didn't want a king, but to have a government where people decide who is to represent them.

According to the founding fathers what are the basic purposes of government?

one of the basic purposes of the government it to protect the rights of the people.

Why did the founding fathers fear the common people?

You got this all wrong, the Founding Fathers feared the Government, because they knew that the government cannot control the economy, without controlling the people. Therefore they made the Bill of Rights, to protect the individual rights of citizens. But even this didn't stop the Government. Just look at Executive Order 1066, Japanese American's rights were taken away within a heart beat. The Founding Fathers did not fear the people, but the Government.

What do you call people who were responsible for setting up the US government?

The people who set up the US government are generally called the "Founding Fathers."

Why would you say thanks to the founding fathers?

we the people of the united states would like to say thank you to our founding fathers because they have helped our country grow and beging. Our founding fathers were the leaders of america wrote the billl of rights and the constituion that begins just like the first sentence; we the people of the united states of america . our founding fathers made our government the first to believe in ''we.'' to finish it off we should say thank you to our founding fathers because they made our country possible and fought for it through 8 years and achieved it.

Who is the group of people who share similar idea about government?

Well, here's two groups of people, our founding fathers and today's conservatives.

What is the basic principle of the US Government?

The basic principle in the U.S. government is democracy. The founding fathers and the framers of the Constitution wanted to make sure the people had control.

What were the People called who suported the constitution?

The founding fathers

What do you call the people who wrote the constitution?

The founding fathers.

What were the people who established America known as?

The Founding Fathers.

Who started calling them 'Founding Fathers'?

Their people started to call them the Founding Fathers because they helped progress America. They were, at the time, the country's leaders and the people thought they should be reconized as such.

How did the founding fathers define freedom of expression?

The founding fathers defined freedom of expressions as white people can say anything they want but people of other skin color cannot.

What is the difference between 'Founding Fathers' and 'founding fathers'?

Some might consider the capitalization just more formal or forceful. Others would say that capitalizing the term means that you are referring to a specific group of people, i.e. the American Founding Fathers, instead of a generic group of founding fathers who could have founded anything.

What is meant by Charles Beard's thesis that the founding fathers were a conspiratiorial economic elite?

What Beard meant when he said that the founding fathers were a conspiratorial economic elite, he simply meant that the founding fathers were out for the elite group of society. Most of the laws first set forth by the constitution were for the wealthy, not for the everyday people. The founding fathers were out for their own economic interests

The people who signed the declaration of independence are known as what?

Founding Fathers

Who were the people who helped established US known as?

The Founding Fathers

The people who helped to establish your country are known as?

the founding fathers

Who where The people who helped to establish our country are known as the?

Founding fathers.

What is the name given to the people who wrote our constitution?

"Founding Fathers"

Why did the founding fathers put the legislative branch first in the constitution?

They feared a strong executive that could operate as an authoritarian government

What are the 3 basic concepts of government the founding fathers brought to our government?

1. Ordered government- the governments rules help the people get along 2. Limited government- the government is not all powerful the people have rights too 3 representative government- the government serves by the will of the people