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The war in the Pacific was fought for the most part, on a series of islands. Due to this geagraphical make up wide spread campaigns such as those used in Europe were impossible. The allied forces had to rely on a campaign of island hopping. This meant that after the conquered one island they had to start all over again with the next island. Each new island meant a new amphibious assault (think of the opening scene of Saving Private Ryan). Amphibious assaults are a high risk assault. This forced the leadership in the Pacific to be somewhat selective of what islands they assaulted. For example, Iwo Jima had a large air strip that could be used by the USAAF and was therefore assulted. Chichi Jima, about 150 miles away had nothing that the allies could use and was therefore skipped. The Allies were also faced with a more confined environment. Some of the islands assulted were not very large. This limited the amount of troop movement thus limiting the amount of strategic options.

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What was the American military strategy in the pacific during World War 1?

The US did not have a strategy in the Pacific. There was little or no conflict in the Pacific in WW I, the military activity all took place in Europe.

What was the us strategy on the pacific front in World War 2?


What was the strategy of US and pacific in World War 2?

"Island Hopping" .

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What was the US strategy in the pacific during World War 2 called?

Island hopping.

What were the military strategy used in the Pacific during World War 2?

island hopping

What strategy was used by the US in the Pacific during World War 2?

Island - Hopping .

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Which event of World War 2 was most affected by the contributions of George Marshall?

The overall Pacific strategy

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What was the U. S. military strategy in the Pacific during World War 2?

The strategy was that of "Island Hopping" where some islands were attacked whereas others were bypassed .

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How many islands were taken during the Pacific Campaign in World War 2 by use of the strategy of island hopping?

The new strategy of "Island Hopping"; and sometimes, during the war, referred to as "hitting them where they ain't", was a strategy adapted after the bloody "Battle of Tarawa", in November 1943. For further information, see website: World War 2 Time Line 1939-1945; Pacific Islands.

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How did the collapse of Russia affect American entry into World War 1 and how did Russia's collapse affect German war strategy?

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What was the World War 2 strategy of conquering only certain Pacific islands that were important to the Allied advance toward Japan?

island hopping

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