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How did the invasion lead to a wider European war?

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September 12, 2011 8:47PM

The invasion of Poland led to a wider European war, firstly by Englands treaty with Poland, and secondly the worlds views on Nazis and Hitlers crule beliefs. After Hitler had declared war on Poland, England gave an ultimatum to pull out or war would be declared, however Germany did not stop with his invasion and however keeped rollong on through Poland. Using the tactic of blitzkreg or aka lightning war. This proved very successful. By sending in stuka dive bombers to soften up the defence of town and cities tanks would roll through to eliminate the larger targets and defenses, followed by the infintary who would clear out any remaining forces. and with Russia comming in from the other side Poland was being stabbed int he back whilst defending its self from a ferocious Greman army