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The invasion of Poland led to a wider European war, firstly by Englands treaty with Poland, and secondly the worlds views on Nazis and Hitlers crule beliefs. After Hitler had declared war on Poland, England gave an ultimatum to pull out or war would be declared, however Germany did not stop with his invasion and however keeped rollong on through Poland. Using the tactic of blitzkreg or aka lightning war. This proved very successful. By sending in stuka dive bombers to soften up the defence of town and cities tanks would roll through to eliminate the larger targets and defenses, followed by the infintary who would clear out any remaining forces. and with Russia comming in from the other side Poland was being stabbed int he back whilst defending its self from a ferocious Greman army

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Q: How did the invasion lead to a wider European war?
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How did the invasion of Poland lead to wider European war?

France and England had both pledged their support and defense of Poland.

How did the German invasion of Poland lead to a wider spread European war?

On 3 September 1939 Britain and France, which had treaty obligations to Poland, declared war on Germany. As a result the German invasion of Poland ceased to be a local war.

Why did the German invasion on Poland lead to a wider European war?

The German invasion of Poland led to a wider European war due to the fact that England and France had signed a mutual protection agreement with Poland meaning that if Poland was attacked, England and France would come to Poland's aid. When Poland was attacked France and England did declare war on Germany but they did nothing to help Poland. Also after the invasion of Poland Germany and the U.S.S.R fought, which was always inevitable because of the invasion of Poland which brought Germany's and Russia's broders together.

How did the invasion of Poland by Germany lead to a wider European war?

The UK and France had guaranteed Poland's sovereignty. They were no longer going to stand aside while Germany gobble up nations. Once Germany attacked the UK and France declared war on them.

Why did the war in Balkans became a wider European war?

becuase thats wat it says in the geography books

How did Hitler's actions lead to war?

The invasion of Poland was the last straw .

Was the invasion of Italy part of the European front in world war 2?


This was the largest invasion of the war it occured on June 6th 1944?

"D-Day" : the invasion of Allied forces of the European mainland .

This was the largest invasion of the war It occurred on June 6th of 1944?

"D-Day" : the invasion of Allied forces of the European mainland .

What 3 wars did the cold war lead to?

The three wars that the cold war lead to was 1. Korean war 2. Vietnam war 3. the invasion of Afghanistan by the Soviet Union

Eisenhower general of what war?

Eisenhower was a general in World War II and was selected to lead the D-day invasion.

How did German aggression lead Europe to war?

When Hitler ordered a Polish invasion, Britain and France declared war.

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