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Planes have made it faster to move from place to place and even made it possible to go to places across the oceans and seas quickly and without a boat.

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How did the first airplane change the world?

The airplane changed the world in quite a few different ways. This new invention was a faster way to travel than boat.

What is an invention that could change the world today?

the invention the could change the world would be the teleporter

How did the invention change the way people lived?

the inventions i like to talk about is the telephone and airplane. the telephone was built by Alexander graham bell for the deaf and the airplane was built by olive and Wilbur to travel across the world.

How did the invention of the airplane change peoples lives?

It made trade travel and warfare easier

What is significant about the invention of the airplane?

The invention of the airplane was a fundamental turning point in history. It redefined the way in which wars were fought, revolutionized travel and commerce, fuelled the process of technological change, and helped to shape a world in which the very survival of a nation would depend on its scientific and technical prowess.

How did airplane invention impact human life?

The invention of the aeroplane has allowed humans to obtain a higher level of understanding of our world.

What is the Wright brothers invention?

the Wright Brothers invention was the airplane

Was the airplane invention the Wright Brothers only invention?

wind tunnel

The invention of the airplane?

the wright brothers?

How did Robert Goddard's invention affect or change your world?

not my world urs

What was the Wright brothers first invention?

The airplane.

When was paper airplane discovered?

After invention of paper .

How did matches change the world?

led to invention of candles

When did the invention of the battery change the world?

it changed in 1798

Who was involved in the invention of the airplane?

The invention of airplane involved two people. They were Orville Wright and Wilbur wright. They invented the first powered plane in 1903.

What ''invention'' did Vannevar Bush write about un a 1945 essay?


How did Marie curie invention change the world?

she inventid stuff

How did david bushnells invention change the world around him?

it didn't

How did Alfred nobel invention change the world?

he made a diffrence

How did the invention of the electron change the world?

i dont know that is what google is for

Is an airplane a invention or innovation?

Usually an invention is something new developed through study and experiment. The development of the airplane seems to fit that better than the definition of an innovation - which is something new or a change made to an existing product, idea, or field. Airplanes weren't really an improvement on an existing thing, they were carefully thought out and developed from an accumulation of knowledge and innovations in areas like aerodynamics, materials, and motors. The development of the airplane required a lot of innovations but the airplane falls solidly in the category of "invention".

Who invention the airplane?

The Write brothers the wright brothers

What invention did the wright brothers did?

The first successful airplane

How did George Washington Carver invention change the world?

he was one of the greatest scientist in the world

How does the invention of the airplane help people?

The airplane helped people to moved quickly from one place to another.

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