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How did the music of Beethoven compare to the music of Mozart?

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Actually, Mozart looked up to Beethoven. Beethoven was his role model. Mozart learned from him by listening.

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What effect did Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart have on music?

He, Bach, and Beethoven all made classical music more popular. Mozart affected music in a tremenduously positive way. Without Mozart, Beethoven may have not even played the piano, because it was because of Mozart that Beethoven's father pushed him to be great.

Did Mozart meet Beethoven?

In 1787 Beethoven first visited Vienna, at that time the center of the music world. There he performed for Mozart, whom he greatly impressed.

What is the most famous peice of music?

Classical music by Beethoven, Bach, Mozart, etc.

What is the new hottest music?

Beethoven and Mozart are like the sweetest music makers dawg..!!

Who was excluded from this group Mozart or Beethoven or Bach?

Mozart and Beethoven were of the 'Classical' music era (although Beethoven actually bridged the Classical and Romantic periods), whilst Bach was purely of the Baroque era. Also, Mozart and Beethoven met each other, with Mozart actually giving Beethoven his first lesson in composition. Bach actually died six years before Mozart was even born.

What made Mozart and beethoven famous?

Mozart and Beethoven were the greatest composers of their time. Both were renowned child prodigies, pianists, improvisers, and composers who contributed widely to orchestral, piano, and chamber music genres. Mozart was a more early classical composer and Beethoven later. Beethoven was essentially the bridge between the Classical and Romantic periods of music.

Who composed music?

Mozart Beethoven and the other famous musicians you can think of.

When did Beethoven meet Mozart?

Beethoven met Mozart in 1787.

What did Haydn Mozart and Beethoven all have in common?

Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven all have in common that they are from the classical period. Also, Haydn was Mozart's and Beethoven's teacher. They all could play the piano. They have all worked as a musician in Vienna. Haydn was born in 1732, Mozart 1756, and Beethoven was 1770. Haydn influenced both Mozart and Beethoven. Mozart became good friends with Haydn. Beethoven improved upon the classical music of Mozart and Haydn's time.

Did Beethoven compose Mozart?

Beethoven and Mozart were two different people.

What are the odd things out about beethoven Mozart and haydn?

that he was death and that he still had the compassion for music.

What kind of music stimulates the brain?

classical-Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, etc

Who is better Mozart or beethoven?

it depends on the listeners taste of music. all i can say is they are both monsters of music!

What other composers inspired Beethoven?

The music of Mozart was a considerable inspiration to Beethoven, and influenced his early composing style.Josef Haydn taught Beethoven composition.

Who was born first Mozart or beethoven?

Mozart was born in 1756 and beethoven was 1770. so Mozart was born first

Who are some of the famous people from classical music?

Well the most famous was Beethoven! yes beethoven but also mozart, bach, chopin

When did Beethoven go see Mozart?

1778 Beethoven traveld to Vienna to study with Mozart.

What was the art and music in colonial Connecticut?

Back then the best kind of music they would listen to was classical piano music such as Mozart and Beethoven

What are the differences in Mozart and Beethoven?

Mozart composed in the classical period and Beethoven composed in the romantic period.

Did Mozart and beethoven become friends?

YES Beethoven and Mozart met witch means they were friends

Is Mozart and beethoven friends?

They met when Beethoven first went to Vienna. But Mozart died not long after that.

What music does Beethoven like?

Beethoven was a massive fan of the music of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and also Carl Phillip Emmanuel Bach. He was very much influenced as well by the music of Georg Friedrich Handel.

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