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How did the name 'Satan' become associated with the devil?


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."Satan" means "Resister," or opposer. The word "devil" means "slanderer" and thus refers to someone who tells malicious lies about others Actually they are belonging to one powerful spirit creature. Both The Bible and world events show that he is a real person and Satan is diametrically opposed to God. God did not create a wicked creature in opposition to himself. Rather, one of the angelic "sons of God" developed a selfish desire to seize for himself the worship rightfully belonging to The Almighty God . (Job 38:7; James 1:14, 15) This desire led him to embark on a course of rebellion against God. The Bible explains the process of self-corruption this way: "Each one is tried by being drawn out and enticed by his own desire. Then the desire, when it has become fertile, gives birth to sin; in turn, sin, when it has been accomplished, brings forth death."—James 1:14, 15. This is apparently what happened.
By rebelling, this spirit creature made himself Satan(meaning "resister") and Devil (meaning "slanderer"). How? might ask! The answer to that question relates to events in the garden of Eden, where this once perfect, righteous spirit creature , who made himself Satan (resister) and Devil (slanderer) began his career as world ruler. There this angelic spirit creature suggested that God was ruling in a bad way by withholding something good from the first man and woman, Adam and Eve. According to this angelic spirit creature if they ate the fruit forbidden by God, they would be liberated. Adam and Eve would be free and independent of God.
They would be like God himself!—Genesis 2:16, 17; 3:1-5. By lying in this way and seducing Eve and through her inducing Adam to break God’s law, this once angelic spirit creature now made himself Satan, brought the first human pair under his leadership and control. The Devil thus became their god, one in opposition to God Almighty. Instead of liberation, however, Adam and Eve experienced slavery to Satan, to sin, and to death.—Romans 6:16; Hebrews 2:14, 15. Therefore Satan (resister) resisted God's sovereignty . Only after he willingly took a course of opposition and resistance to God was he called Satan. He also being called "Devil" is due to him slandering God's name..of which he told the first recorded "LIE" in the bible at Genesis 3:4.

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Satan is the name that is most commonly associated with the devil. Satan's name before hell was Lucifer. The devil is also associated with the number 666.

Satan is a name sometimes given to the Devil.

Another name for Satan is Lucifer, it is found in Isaiah.Or The devil.

The other name for Satan is devil, Lucifer, Evil one.

Satan is a Hebrew word (שׂטן, sāṭān), that means adversary.

Beelzebub, satan, lucifer

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Satan. But he was not an angel, he was a jinn.

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Lucifer was his name in heaven when he was in heaven. When he rebelled and was cast down to earth his name was changed to Satan, aka the devil.

Satan (with a long A at the front) or the Hell's Lord

A number of different symbols are traditionally associated with Satan, the devil, or Satanism. Perhaps the most familiar one is the five-pointed star, often placed within a circle. This is called a "pentagram", meaning five-pointed line.

This means that when you speak his name "the devil" or satan.. you are inviting evil or demonic spirits. Satan loves to hear his name. When we speak his name we glorify him and give him more power in our lives. He wants to be involved in everything, so don't speak about him.

Lucifer is the personal name for the great evil adversary also known as the devil and satan.

Devil, The destroyer, Abaddon, The deceiver, the snake, fallen angel. Old name of Satan when he was pious was IZAZIL, and then there are IBLEES.

Lucifer or Satan. yes, it's Lucifer, or Satan. yes it is satin Also Baal and baezebul in bible old testament

Many people believe that Lucifer's (Satan, Devil) father's name is Father or GOD.

Satan Beelzebub, Lucifer and in Islam he's called Iblis (Shaitan in Arabic).

ADAM NAMED THE CREATURES THAT GOD MAID AND THE SERPENT WAS ONE OF THEM.BUT ADAM DID NOT NAME SATAN SO THE SERPENT IS NOT SATAN.No. The serpent already had a name.The "Serpent" is a euphemism for: Lucifer - The Devil - Satan.The Scripture says, he was subtle and beguiling.

There are lots of devils, NONE of which, can be definitely said is the TRUE devil. People can support their religion's all they want, but at the moment, no-one true devil is proved to exist. If you're looking for the christian devil, his name is believed to be Satan.

To Christians and Muslims, Satan is the devil. To Jews, Satan is the loyal assistant to God; he tempts people in order to provide God with evidence of the righteousness of the faithful. In Judaism it is somewhat inconceivable that God would allow an evil adversary, such as the Christian devil, to exist. Christians also call the devil by other names, such as Lucifer.

The most common name for the devil , is the word satan. or lucifer, old nick these are all well known names .

The name devil comes from the Greek word "diabolos" names for the devil are, abbadon, angra mainyu, satan, asmodai, beelzebub, lucifer, belial and lblis.

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