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they did not have enough kitties in the world for the canadians to have lil pets to distract there enemys



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"Notion" in French is... "Notion".

The military would put a poster containing Uncle Sam's portraits to encourage people to believe that the military is a closely knit family unit. It aims to discourage the notion that the military is a place of isolation.

Previous experiences, such as those that occur during childhood, affect our current responses to food and eating behaviors.

A notion is a thought, idea, or impulse.

I thought that Kevin's notion of inventing a soundproof playpen was a good one. A notion is basically an idea.

Where on earth would you get such a notion?

motion notion lotion motion notion lotion

His notion to eat cake was a good one.

The word notion has two syllables. (no-tion)

I can give you several sentences.I have a notion to give you a piece of my mind!That's a good notion.The store sold notions and dry goods.

The word notion is a noun, so there really aren't any antonyms for it. Notion basically means 'idea'. What is the opposite of an idea?

notion potion lotionHere are 4 rhyming words:Notion, lotion, potion, ocean.Commotion, notion, ocean, lotion and potion.

I am assuming a notion to quilt. If you heard someone say they have a notion to quilt that could mean that they are wanting to make quilts, or want to start quilting etc. A quilting notion is something used in the creation of making a quilt. Threads, rulers, templates, making pens, etc are considered a quilting notion.

Made him tired. The question, I believe, is directed towards the commonly held notion that Muhammad learned a lot about Judaism and Christianity in his travels. The reason this notion is wrong is simply because the Qur'an reveals information about the Jews and Christians which even scholars did not know about.

It is a hypothesis that can be defined as a tantative explanation of the hourglass notion of research

Ken Kesey wrote Sometimes a Great Notion.

The word notion is a singular noun. The plural would be notions.

Sometimes a Great Notion has 715 pages.

The duration of Birth of a Notion - film - is 420.0 seconds.

how might the notion of crime change over time

The notion of nuclear war has always been a frightening prospect.

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