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It was made by Wallace Carothers

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Where did nylon come from?

Nylon is an synthetic material.

What is the place nylon is grown?

Nylon is a manufactured fabric. It does not come from plant fibers.

Where did the name nylon come from?

NY for New York and LON for London - NYLON

How is umbrell made and were does it come from?


What country does nylon come from?

Nylon is manufactured, so it is made in most countries, and there are several types.

Which plant does nylon come from?

the invista plant

Were does silk nylon come from?

it is poo it is poo

Which plant do you get nylon from?

Nylon is an artificial material and does not come from a plant. That is not entirely true nylon is made from by products of oil and oil comes from plant's. so one could say that nylon comes from a mixture of different plants.

What natural resource does nylon come from?

Nylon is not a natural resource. It's a man made polymer manufactured in New York (NY) and London (LON). Hence the name NyLon

What does nylon come from?

Nylon can be composed of several different chemicals, but the most common elements are carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen and oxygen.

What invention has a industrial scientist done?

Nylon produced on February 28, 1935, by Wallace Carothers at DuPont's research laboratory

Where does nylon come from?

Nylon is a synthetic fiber that is made from petroleum products. It is similar in texture to natural silk. It was first seen by the public in the 1930s.

Why did the making of Nylon products come to an stop in 1941?

Nylon products stopped being made because the USA went into World War II

What is cotton made up of?

Cotton is a natural material- it is part of the cotton plant that is spun (twisted) into thread. Cotton is not an invention in the sense that nylon is. Nylon is a man made fiber, but cotton (and wool and linen) are natural materials- grown, not made.

Why couldn't women wear nylon stockings during World War 2?

Nylons were a brand new invention just before the war, they were almost only available in America and even there for just a short time. When the war began, the import and production of nylon stockings came to an end, the materials needed for nylon became very hard to get by because of war and any nylon that could be made was needed for the war effort. So in America people had to manage with the amount of nylons made since their invention till the sales stopped because the war started. Nylon stockings became rare even in America almost from the moment the war started. In Europe most women never even saw nylon stockings till after the war.

Where do doritos come from?

Doritos come from Frito Lay in Plano Texas. They are an original invention from the company Doritos come from Frito Lay in Plano Texas. They are an original invention from the company

Who first made nylon?

someone answer the questionn i need it now for science come on !!

Why was there a need for this telephone invention?

Because if they didnt come up with a telephone invention we wouldn't have cell phones.

Where did club drugs come from?

they came with the invention of clubs

Is vollyball a invention?

YesSomeone had to come up with it.

What inventions come from the invention of the telephone?

Cell phones

Where did the nylon come from?

your mums chest hair & laurens chest hair. and gabys blates.

What is the best nail polish to use?

Nylon....Others come off real easy.

What are the major two types of nylon?

nylon 6 and nylon 66 are the two most briefly divided types of nylon.

What manufacturing services are available for inventors?

Inventors can turn to American Inventors Manufacturing to see their invention come to life. Invention Concepts is another online source for invention manufacturing.

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