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This sounds like a trick question: the Alamo fell nearly a decade BEFORE the Mexican War. The Mexican War pitted the USA against Mexico (April/May 1846-Feb 1848); the Alamo was part of the Texas war for independence from Mexico (Alamo: Feb-March 1836). That question is sort of like asking "how did the outcome of the Battle of Verdun affect the rest of WWII?" True, but I think the question is how did the Alamo affect the outcome of the Texas Revolution and in that respect the outcome at the Alamo leaves Santa Ana overconfident and he splits his forces in front of Sam Houston leading to a defeat at San Jacinto.

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Q: How did the outcome of the Alamo affect the rest of the Mexican war?
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How did the outcome of the Alamo affect the rest of the Mexican-American war?

The Siege of the Alamo (1836) was a part of the Texas War of Independence and not a part of the Mexican American War which was from 1846 to 1848.

How did the outcome of the Alamo affect the rest of the Mexican-America war?

The Alamo was a battle fought during the Texas war of independence from Mexico (1835-1836), not during the Mexican-American War (1846-1848). It didn't mean much to the final outcome of the war, as it was almost by any accounts a massacre: 2,400 Mexican troops killed all but two of 182-260 Texans at the Alamo. The battle has been used, however, as a symbol of the Texan Independence Movement with "Remember the Alamo!" as the battle cry with most significance.

Who are people that fought in the Alamo?

We know the three commanders, Crockett, Travis, and Bowie. The rest are too numerous to mention, but were a collection of Tejanos (Mexican Nationals allied with the Texians), Tennesseans.

Why did the Mexican army attack the Alamo?

General Santa Ana could not advance further to take on the rest of the Texan Army with an armed garrison in his rear that could disrupt his lines communications and supply.

How many Texans were in the Alamo?

If you mean native Texans (born in Texas of Mexican and Spanish descent), there were only a "handful", the rest of the defenders were settlers from as far away as New York. For detailed history, use Google to search for "native Texans at the Alamo". ur such a weiner it was around 300

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Who was the surviver of the Alamo?

Brigido Guerrero who had deserted the Mexican Army in December of 1835 to join the Texans managed to convince the Mexican Army that he had been held prisoner by the Alamo defenders. Black males like the slave Joe who was the property of William B, Travis were spared since they were assumed to have been noncombatants. The number of slaves present and what their roles were in the defense of the Alamo is also unknown. Joe insisted that others who had fought were black, but his testimony was largely ignored. One child was mistaken for an adult in the gloom of the chapel and he was killed but the rest survived. As an adult Anglo, the testimony of Susanna Dickinson was believed but the other women were Hispanic and they were not asked for testimony. There were also numerous couriers who are considered as survivors

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