How did the philadephia 76ers get their name?

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They were named after the signing of the declariation of independence that was made in Philadelphia
because the declaration of independence was signed in 1776 in Philadelphia
the 76ers got there name beecause back in 1776 the constitusion was signed in philadelphia.
The Philadelphia 76ers were formerly known as the Syracuse Nationals, but were moved to Philadelphia after financial struggles and a contest was held to decide the team's new name. The team was named the 76ers, after the Declaration of Independence, which was signed in 1776 in Philadelphia.
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Philadelphia 76ers head coaches in franchise history?

76ers coaches through February 8, 2008:. Randy Ayers Larry Brown Fred Carter Al Cervi Maurice Cheeks Billy Cunningham Johnny Davis Chris Ford Matt Guokas Alex Hannum Kevin Loughery John Lucas Jim Lynam Doug Moe Jim O'Brien Jack Ramsay Roy Rubin Dolph Schayes Paul ( Full Answer )

Have the Philadelphia 76ers ever won an NBA title?

As of the start of the 2010-11 season, the franchise known as the Philadelphia 76ers has won three NBA titles. The first (1954-55) was won when the team played in Syracuse and was known as the Nationals and the last two (1966-67, 1982-83) were won in Philadelphia.

Can you list all the players on the 76ers?

Louis Amundson F 6-9 225 12/07/1982 Nevada-Las Vegas. 2 . 52 Calvin Booth C 6-11 250 05/07/1976 Penn State. 9 . 25 Rodney Carney F 6-7 204 04/05/1984 Memphis. 2 . 1 Samuel Dalembert C 6-11 250 05/10/1981 Seton Hall. 6 . 30 Reggie Evans F 6-8 245 05/18/1980 Iowa. 6 . 33 Willie Green G 6-3 2 ( Full Answer )

1983 nba finals game 7 76ers versus lakers what was the starting lineups?

There was no Game 7 in the 1983 NBA Finals - the series ended in four games. Starting Lineups for the 76ers and Lakers during the series: 76ers G- Maurice Cheeks G - Andrew Toney F - Julius Erving F - Marc Iavaroni C - Moses Malone Lakers G - Earvin "Magic" Johnson G - Norm Ni ( Full Answer )

Who are the local television announcers for the Philadelphia 76ers?

Marc Zumoff and Bob Salmi. Marc Zumoff is a legend in the business with numberous awards including emmys and even coined the nickname for Allen Iverson (the answer). Former sixer player Steve Mix used to be Zumoffs partner until the 07-08 season.

Did Dr J play for the 76ers in the ABA?

No, the 76ers were not an ABA team. Dr. J played for the ABA's Virginia Squires from 1971-72 through 1972-73 and the New York Nets from 1973-74 through 1975-76. The Nets sold Erving's contract to the 76ers prior to the 1976-77 season and he played his entire NBA career with the 76ers.

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Who owns the Philadelphia 76ers?

Comcast-Spectacor. Yes, but since Comcast-Spectacor is 63% owned by Comcast, then Comcast actually owns the 76ers, the Flyers, ComcastSportnet. There is a group of owners who are as follows: Joshua Harris, Adam Aron, David Blitzer, Jason Levien, Art Wrubel, Erick Thohir, Will Smith, and Jada Pinket ( Full Answer )

Is the a name?

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Is Philadephia in Pennsylvania?

YES Philadephia is in Pennsylvania. Also Philadephai also called Philly is a nice little small town

What is a 76er?

\nA 76er is a professional basketball team located in Philadelphia. IT was named after the signing of the Declaration of Independence in 1776.

How many Super Bowls have the Philadephia Eagles won?

They haven't won any. They have been in two Superbowls. On January 25, 1981, in Superbowl XV, they lost to the Oakland Raiders 27-10. And on February 6, 2005, in Superbowl XXXIX, they lost to the New England Patriots 24-21.

What year Iverson take 76ers to Finals?

Iverson and the Sixers went to finals in 2001 and lost to the Los Angeles Lakers. The Sixers were predicted to be swept, but they won Game 1. They lost the following 4 games, however.

Does Philadephia have a subway system?

Yes. they have a subway system. They also have trolleys and buses and possibly still trolley-buses under the SEPTA banner ( South-East Pennsylvania Transit Authority) curiously both Sceptre ( a fancy, royal form of staff), and Wand ( more plebian magic type) records were located in Philadelphia and ( Full Answer )

What is the value of a 76ers ball signed from when Charles Barkey was on team?

Well it depends on who signed it and what year it was, also you would have to prove the authenticity of it because balls have been printed with signatures on it, lowering the value of the ball. But if it is legit, i'd say around 200 dollars, but that's just factoring in the Barkley signature.

Who plays on the Philadelphia 76ers?

Elton Brand -42 Rodney Carney -25 Samuel Dalembert -1 Francisco Elson -8 Willie Green -33 Jrue Holiday -11 Andre Iguodala -9 Allen Iverson -3 Jason Kapono -72 Jodie Meeks -20 Jason Smith -14 Marreese Speights -16 Lou Williams -23 Thad Young -21

What was the starting five of the 1977 Philadelphia 76ers?

Starting five: . George McGinnis . Steve Mix . Julius Erving . Henry Bibby . Doug Collins Bench: . World B. Free . Caldwell Jones . Fred Carter . Harvey Catchings . Darryl Dawkins . Jim Barnett . Mike Dunleavy . Joe Bryant . Terry Furlow

Who scored the most points in 76er franchise history?

Really is Hal Greer with 21586 because i counting the points with the Syracuse Nationals that is the same team that Philadelphia 76ers in other city and with other name but is the same If you only count the team with name 76ers is Allen Iverson with 19931

How many times have the 76ers scored 76 points or 49ers scored 49 points at the end of a game?

The 49ers have scored 49 points 4 times: 1) October 1, 1961 - 49ers 49, Lions 0 2) October 29, 1972 - 49ers 49, Falcons 14 3) January 29, 1994 (Super Bowl XXIX) - 49ers 49, Chargers 26 4) September 7, 2003 - 49ers 49, Bears 7 The 76ers have scored 76 points 18 times: 1) March 22, 198 ( Full Answer )

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