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The historical record is fairly vague, it does not specify turkey, or any other bird for that matter. It only lists fowl which could be turkey, duck, goose, or almost any other bird. It also specifies that it was boiled fowl. There is nothing that indicates what it was boiled with. It may have been boiled alone but a very popular European custom of the time was to boil everything in one big pot.


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No, you can't cook a turkey in the dishwasher.

they did the turkey in the corn field

The reason people have turkey dinners are for the pilgrims

the pilgrims celebrade it by killing a turkey and eatting it

i like pickdjnv! I Well that is out of the question the REAL answer is because it is supposed to represent how the pilgrims learned how to hunt, fish, and plant corn and all that. Therefor having turkey for thanksgiving.

The indians hunt the food and the pilgrims cook and feed the food to the pilgrims and the indians.

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Pilgrims did not eat turkey on Thanksgiving. The turkey was hunted by the wampanoag Indians as a piece offering to the Pilgrims. The population of turkey was plentiful, however, they did eat deer meat, or venison as they called it, on Thanksgiving. Venison was one of the wompanoag's favourite dishes.

the reason people have turkey dinner is because of the pilgrims

You don't. You cook a ham. Its supposed to be a thaksgiving turkey and a Christmas ham.

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well, considering the first turkey day was shared between pilgrims and indians, the answer is just that....pilgrims and indians....

they would offer their enemies a turkey as a peace offering. however, gunpowder had been shoved down the turkeys throats. when the enemy would begin to cook the turkey it would explode, thus creating a feathered grenade of sorts. history remembers the pilgrims as the sneakiest funniest bastards of all time.

If you stuff it in the bird, the bird will need to cook longer. If you cook it outside the bird, both the stuffing and the turkey will cook faster. I prefer to cook it out of the bird myself.

we eat turkey on thanksgiving day because the pilgrims and the Indians use 2 eat turkey that is why we eat turkey

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