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The political, economic and social changes affected the daily life of Americans in 1920s to 1930s in a huge manner. The main event during this time was the Great Depression which had mainly been caused by World War I and this made the cost of living almost unbearable for most people.Ê

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What effect did the dynastic cycle have on the Chinese people?

It helped the Chinese accept sudden political changes.

What is the life cycle effect of political socialization?

it is when your political stance changes as you age. for example, as you get older you become more republican. this is just a theory, not necessarily true

How did poll tax effect African Americans?

how did poll tax effect African americans

What is the difference between effect and effectiveness?

Effect is what it changes or causes the subject to do. Effectiveness is how likely the effect will cause these changes in the subject.

What was one important effect resulting from the political changes made at the Congress of Vienna?

Nationalistic feelings grew in countries placed under foreign rule.

Nations making political and military alliances was an effect of?

Nations making political and military alliances was an effect of militarism.

What are the effect of heat on matter?

it changes size, it changes temperature and it changes state

How do racism effect African-Americans?

It makes them mad!

How did columbuses voyage impact the Americans?

what was the effect of columbus voyage to the america

What are the political effect of colonialism in nigeria?

what are the political economic implication of colonialism

What was the effect of the political machine?


What is political socialization that shares and transmit political culture and what is the greatest effect on an individual's political socialization?

The approval of permanent normal trade relations with China in the year 2000 would have the greatest effect on an individuals political socialization. Political socialization is the development of political attitudes in children.

What political system had the biggest effect on western political thought?

Representative democracy

What political system had the greatest effect on Western political thoughts?

Representative democracy

How do wars effect political boundaries?

Wars sometimes change political boundaries.

What was the effect of the brandywine battle?

the effect was that the americans ran away to not get killed

Why did the Americans go to Vietnam?

Americans went to Vietnam because of a popular political belief known as the domino effect. Many at the time thought that if one country was allowed to fall to the communists, country after country would fall, and eventually the United States.

What did poll tax effect?

Poor whites and african americans

What effect did colonies have on the Native Americans?

Well, the effect that colonies had on the Native Americans was that when the colonists came in, they took away the land of the Native Americans which forced the Native Americans to be homeless, go somewhere else, or get into war with the colonists.

What to be aware of after a volcanic eruption?

changes in the air,changes to the landscape,changes to the water,effect on plants and animals

Which is an example of genetic drift?

The distribution of alleles changes due to random chance. or The allele frequency of a population changes due to a bottleneck effect. <apex>

What is a political effect?

blonde people have problems.

Does the effect of juices and cola effect and egg shell?

yep it changes its color

What effect did drugs have on the black Americans?

It must be said that drugs had (and have) exactly the same effects on African-Americans as they had (and have) on European-Americans, Asian-Americans and Native Americans.

How did the pigs effect the Americans?

by providing food

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