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How did the radical republicans hope to reconstruct the south?

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They wanted the african americans to be able to vote and to become an US citizen.

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What were southern people who supported republican policies in reconstruction called?

Look up Radical Republicans and traditional Southern Democracts during Reconstruction. The Radical Republicans wanted equal rights for freed slaves and they also wanted a tougher stance against the South. They wanted to punish the South for causing the war. Hope this helps! :)

Why did radical republicans in congress oppose Lincoln's 10 percent plan?

the republicans felt that the south should be punished for starting war and lincoln was cutting them slack..HOPE THIS HELPS 8th grader sources :my awsome ss teacher

What are the real accomplishments of Radical Republicans during the years 1865 1877?

They passed many non-racist laws. Even when the racist president vetoed all the laws, the congress overruled president's veto. Hope this helps :)

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Why did the Republicans turn from the slave freeing progressive party to a socially Conservative intolerant foreigner hating religiously fanatical party?

Good question. I think they have allowed the radical right to take over the party. One can always hope they will eventually understand how wrong they are.

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Who controlled most of the rebuilding of the country during Reconstruction the President or Congress?

here's a blurb i found when trying to answer this same question for my homework:Radical Reconstruction, also known as Congressional Reconstruction, was the time when congressional Republicans, moderates and Radicals, controlled Reconstruction in the South. Prior to Republican control, Andrew Johnson's Presidential Reconstruction had allowed ex-Confederate leaders to regain power in southern state governments. He lost control over Reconstruction when congressional elections in the fall of 1866 led to a two-thirds majority of Republicans in both houses of Congress. When the Fortieth Congress returned in March 1867, presidential Reconstruction ended.Hope that helped you!!

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What group did the democrats hope to make look bad by calling attention to the problems of government and high taxes in the late 1800s?


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